My Milo... Now Sami




That is hands down the cutest Milo I have ever seen!! Her eyes just make you melt! The full hair suits her, and I take it she is a Hispanic baby? Great job!


great job!!! It is so great to see so many interesting versions of Milo!!! He looks good so many different ways!! Love her hair!!!


That is a beautiful girl!! Hands down the best Milo I have ever saw who knew he could be so gorgeous!!


Absolutely adorable!! Great job on her.

I love seeing how differently artists see a kit, and love the different variations they come up with for them!


I did not recognize the sculpt. (and that should be taken as a compliment). Great job!! The hair looks wonderful … Is it human hair?


Pia, you’re right! I didn’t recognize the sculpt either, and that is definitely a compliment.

You’ve taken this kit, and transformed it into something different, and beautiful. (I like Milo anyway, because he’s so cute) but most of the ones I’ve seen have him with little to no hair (he’s cute that way). So it’s nice to see a version with full hair and ethnic skin tone.


She is Perfectly Perfect! I just completed a Milo as a Special Needs baby by “working the eye” area. I have had several customers request a Downs Syndrome baby, Dravon by Melissa McCrory, who is no longer available as a vinyl doll, just in silicone. And of course, “silicone” is another was to convey “$$$$”. Did I use enough dollar signs? Even though Milo’s head is small enough to root, I used a wig instead. I swear I have been able to eliminate bread and grains from my diet due to all the fiber I ingest rooting, and… well… rooting is at the lowest end of the list of :
Things I Don’t Like:
Brussell Sprouts
Squid (go ahead, call it Calamari to dress it up, but… still SQUID!)
Excessive Sweating
Rude Behavior ("Sure, let me hold the door open for you and then sweep past me like the Queen!"
Cleaning the Toilet (no elaboration needed)


You’ve done a wonderful job! :0)


My first reaction is oh wow!!! Beautiful!!!


— Begin quote from “pia”

I did not recognize the sculpt. (and that should be taken as a compliment). Great job!! The hair looks wonderful … Is it human hair?

— End quote

Thanks everyone! She is mainly rooted with premium human hair but also has mohair around the hairline. I didn’t think about ethnicity since what I mainly do are AA, but she could be Hispanic or my version of a ‘Blasian’ baby (black and Asian). I just thought she’d be cute with lots of hair! It’s sort of my trademark.


Wow! My favorite Milo by far! It’s incredible what you have done with that kit. Could anyone make Nolan look this good?


Incredible Milo! Love that sculpt with lots of hair!


This is a great Job on this one .the best I seen so far


Just beautiful!


Oh my goodness! I love her.


Wow is the right word. Usually I feel like the Milo sculpt just didn’t have enough personality but you sure gave him/her some. I’m in the process of making Nolan for a friend (bald, no eyelashes). You make me want to borrow a wig from a friend just to see… but he is a caucasian and she is african american so not sure that would work. And caitlyn’s pink play wig and others are in storage in a bag in the closet that I really shouldn’t dig in just to see. Saving some dress up outfits for Catherine. But Nolan in teresa’s red, white and blue tinsel wig might be cute!


Gin B asked about making Nolan look good. I happen to be in the process with a nolan…my husband has a ponytail (still attached to his head! for now…), it’s late and I’m crazy and well, this is Nolan with real human hair (that is still being used!) Excuse the messy curls…our daughter was laughing too hard while holding daddy’s hair and the head at the same time. Bald heads are slippery btw!!!


Best Milo period! Stunning!


oh wow totally adorable