My Max is on ebay


He is so sweet! I never noticed until viewing your auction that Max has his tongue sticking out. I guess I’m not very observant


sweet, sweet baby. I’ll put him on watch for you.


Ooh, I’m totally in love! He’s so precious. BOL with his auction.


I love Max! he is so cute!
My son always had his tongue like that, I asked the Dr about it & he said his tongue is too big for his mouth but he will grow into it…& he did…he’s a very handsome man now!

You did a really good job on reborning him, adorable. Wish I could afford him, then I’d have my baby back!!



He’s beautiful. =] I really want to reborn him and Samiah as twins.


He’s adorable! BOL with his auction.


Thank all of you for your comments.
Just checked and I have a bid


Great job, Angie! He’s absolutely precious! BOL!


He looks so real. Such a beautiful baby. bol on his auction.

         Hugs tina