My little painted hair "Audery" by Adrie Stoete

Hi, I’m new this forum, well I been on lots of times but never put a post, so I thought it was high time I did. I have brought lots of kits from here although I am from the UK.
Please cheer my little Audrey now Poppy on.
Thank you for looking

Gosh, she’s gorgeous! I love your babies; they always look so realistic!


Your Audrey is so beautiful! So realistic! You are becoming one of my favorite artists.

She is BEAUTIFUL!!! I LOVE her!!! I had to do a double take to see that she was a reborn and not a real baby. Good Luck.

wow ,simply stunning,

Thank you so much ladies you have made my day
and thank you very Janine that was a lovely thing to say


That may be the prettiest little reborn I’ve ever seen. I’m going to have to go put you on my favorite seller list. Not that I could buy anything because it’ll probably go astronomical!!! LOL But I want to watch!

PS Are you an instructor? With the strawberry & cream skin (which i think is sooo pretty) & the little spit bubble, you should be teaching!! I hope you are!

Oh and let’s don’t forget that hair. As my son would say, it’s sick. And that is a compliment!!!

Aaaawwww thank you Nicole, No I’m not a instructor. I just love to paint

She’s perfect!

Wow oh Wow, she is beautiful and your painted hair is fantastic.
You have an awsome talent