My little creation for easier rooting


So I felt like I was losing so much hair rooting with the doll head in a pillow and the doll always looked a little bit shinnier to me like some varnish had wiped off during the rooting process and sometimes the hair would tangle or fall out so I got to thinking what can I use to mount my doll heads on at first I just used a thick stick and held the stick between my legs but had trouble when rooting the sides or back of the doll so I thought some more and was like hey I have a tripod I dont use so I cut the stick really short drilled a small hole on the bottom screwed in the piece that attaches to the tripod and this is what I got so far it’s working out great. Just thought I’d share with you lovely ladies on the forum.


this is awesome and actually its kinda funny because yesterday I just found this:


Oh that things pretty cool too


Two great ideas!


im betting that yours is cheaper hehe :slight_smile: Very intuitive and resourceful of you.


LOLOL, the only person who wouldn’t be freaked out by that is a reborn artist! Love it!


Thank you I always try and work with things I already have.


Love it!


This is great! Especially for long-haired heads, because the hair can hang down naturally all around the head. I wish I would have had this when rooting Tippi! You are very inventive!


Thank you!


That’s awesome! I don’t think I have my tripod anymore. :cry:


That’s great! I love resourceful artists.


I might try this. It seems like it would be a lot easier on my neck. I currently put the head on my thigh and root away. The only thing is, I fill my heads with polypellets before rooting and I wouldn’t be able to do that so it would be a new learning curve for me.


You’re a genius!!!


great idea!