My limb stand


It’s here and it fits perfectly :heart_eyes:


That is really cool. I love the plastic. That would keep of the dust and pet hair.


Yes, I love the plastic too!


Yes I have pets and I try my best to keep them from running in the room. Until I can figure out how to keep them dust free or get a dedicated nursery room this was my answer lol


I love it! You have wonderful friends :heart:


I was thinking the same thing! What an awesome idea! Just make the corners tall enough to be able to cover it all with a plastic cover! I love that idea! Wish I had had it. :slight_smile: But, I am so happy for you. It looks awesome!


My daughter helped me put together the plastic stand cover before she went to basic. I never got around to cutting n gluing the plastic to the top and sides of the pipe. I guess I’ll do that this weekend since i actually have a better stand, but It’s just shower liners.


Love the plastic cover, great idea! Nice stand too:)


Great idea!


Doesn’t matter if it is just shower liners. It will keep the dust out of and off of your babies as you make them. If you are one of the people who have problems with the dust, I think it is really extra awesome!


Yes!! You should mark that idea, the amount of dust alone would make me buy it!!


I cover my wips with receiving blankets


I NEED this!!


Hey Donna, I think you have a marketable item!! I know for air dry paints one of these would be fantastic!!! So what that you use shower curtain liners, shoot you could use the shower curtains and jazz it up! The frame is ingenious!!! I love your board too! :tada::tada::tada: :heart_eyes: