My Lilli Klinger! $350 on eBay or make an offer here :)


Alright HERE she is !!! I hope someone else falls in love as I have!!! She is on a 7 day auction… way to low of a reserve Please cheer my sweet baby on!!!


Cheering your little one on–All the best with your listing :0)


Thank you so much I am worried there wont be to many people because of the big doll show


So cute love the babies smile and the hair is so nicely rooted bol


Norton and ebay are arguing right now, and a gazillion of us are waiting for a fix. I will check out your auction as soon as I’m able.


Go Lilli, Go Lilli, Go Lilli…!


Thank You all so much you made my NIGHT!!!


She is up to $100 and has 42 bids Sooooo Much fun to watch!!!


Now 170!!! More thank half way to her reserve!!!


I am totally in LOVE with this sweet little happy dreamer! How was she to paint and root?
She is one of those cuties that makes you squeeze a pillow really hard!


You did such an outstanding job, the hair complements the skin tones, everything is just spot on beautiful and perfect. Cant I just have this baby, pleaaasssee!!!


Wow the last too comments just made me sooo happy Thank you everyone so much This kit was wonderful to work with and her little face is even more sweet in person… Brit Klinger is just amazing I love so many of her sculpts… I’m not sure is she will hit her reserve or not… It is only $250 but she has not had a bid in days… 1 day left so we will see Thank You all again so much for such kind words…you have no idea how much it means to me