With a rare moment of downtime, I thought I’d check in with you guys. I’ve been feeling guilty for not being so active on the forums this past year. Moving 2 states with 9 animals and a kid while trying to maintain a business and vend at the ROSE show has been a major challenge. (breathe)
We are now living in Oregon, and UNpacking is so much better than packing :slight_smile: My furbabies have a nice yard. I have a nursery in progress. We even have a treehouse that I have no idea what to do with yet, but I always wanted one growing up.
I finally brought my dream baby home. Isabella done by Linda Hill! I will make this baby her own post next. I am so in love with her!
I’m still reborning vinyl dolls and selling Honeybug etc., but now I’m diving into the world of silicone babies! I started out rooting them for other sculptors and even a prototype artist, but now painting my own. I love the challenge of it. I will share more in a separate post.
I feel like I’m bragging, but I hope y’all know, I’ve had a rough road and worked my butt off to get here. I’m quite humble, and tooting my own horn is something I’m still not so comfortable with. I share to encourage you who might be struggling, and I will celebrate with you when you get to “brag” too.
Bunches of love & hugs dolly artists & friends,
<3 Jill


Thanks for putting up with me and my kids at ROSE :wink: :heart:


Moving is hell! We moved from California to France with four cats and one very large collie plus two young kids with autism. We had a few rough times with that but the kids were great and our animals made it there safe and sound.
Sounds like you have a beautiful, spacious, new home, congratulations :slight_smile: . Cant wait to see your new baby and you don’t come off as bragging, only sharing good news.


No wonder you have been so quiet…

I’m happy for you! Hope you get settled in and find more time to chat here. Looking forward to seeing some of your silicone babies and your new Isabella.


I remember you speaking a few times about your move. So happy for you! It was awesome seeing you in pics and videos shared by others that were at Rose. I’d love to see pics of your Tree House. Congratulation on your new life changes, believe me I understand. Can’t wait to see Isabella and your Silicone Babies.



Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


WOW, I love that yard, no wonder your pets are happy! That tree house is so nice, I want one.


I love your yard too! Looks so private. My kids would go crazy for that treehouse! Hope you post more pics. :blush:


Awesome! Congrats! Looks like a great yard!


Congratulations on the good things going on for you now and congrats on the new house!!! I hope it is everything you hoped and more. It is always fun when life gives as a chance for change. Enjoy and we all would like to see more of your house and you babies. :smile:


It is not bragging if it is true. :slight_smile:


That looks like fun.

How’s the weather in Oregon?


Love the yard Jillian!! I think I would have to make a painting room out of that treehouse!!


Beautiful , I love the tree house.


Well, it’s in the 90’s this week, so I’m confused LOL


I just might do that.
Make me some treehouse babies!