My Libby

I just wanted to share with you what happened to me yesterday. For some back ground information, I have a Libby that I did for my first complete reborn, by that I mean rooted hair and painted, etc. expect I bought the body. I posted pics here and got no positive feed back, so I have loved her and thought I so need to do something different with her but was at my wits ends as to what. I have a wonderful friend here, Linda, whom has encouraged me through several rough patches. I am allergic to wool and have been scared to try any of the mohair that is see used here. I decided to take Libby apart and took all the fake hair I used on her. This took 2 days since I had glued it like is recommended. Now I have a bald Libby. I have some hair extensions, which I used several years ago because of an burning accident, I caught my yard on fire and wound up with extremely short hair,for me, and no eyelashes and eyebrows. I bought some clip in extensions. Those were just lying around so I decided to use that on my Libby. Now to the story, I was stuck in a hotel room alone while hubby was at drills. I got her hair finished, I had some bald spots I had to fill in and then to glue it. I took her outside to cut her hair. While I was outside the 2 cleaning ladies who do not speak English, I had tried to ask them a question earlier. They saw my Libby head and they keep saying something I could not understand, but they were smiling and touching her face. They finally said so good. I am not sure what else was said but I took it as a compliment. I so wished I had the rest of her body with me so I could have shown them what she looks like with a body. When I get home she will be put back together and her new Christmas dress on. I thought it was weird to get such a reaction to just a head.

Can’t wait to see pictures!

I am back to work today for 48 hours but I have her with me. Hopefully I will have time to put her back together. Thank you for being positive. I rooted her eyelashes. Another first for me.!/photo … =1&theater … =1&theater … =1&theater here is Libby in her new Christmas dress and new hair and new eyelashes

thank you rose

She’s beautiful! Love her Christmas dress!

Thank you Karen.