My latest little girl :)

Hi everyone! I just listed this little girl last night and wanted to share her with all of you. Thanks so much for peeking and I hope you like her! … :MESELX:IT

Oh, she’s precious. BOL…I’m sure she will do well for you!

She’s beautiful, Danielle! BOL with her auction!

She’s beautiful! Looks like you wore out your trigger finger taking lots of pics!

Thank you all so much! I’m so happy that you like her!

I love all your babies! Her painted hair turned out so cute.

At the beginnig I thought her hair was rooted!
That painted hair is absolutly amazing…I need a tutorial from you showing how to do it! (and I bet I’ll be not the only one)

Congratulations, Danielle, another beautiful baby, as all of yours are.


Sweet! Sweet! Sweet!

Omgosh. Just looked at her auction. She’s just stunning. Yes. A hair tut PLEASE. I’m in awe. Now I must go try to find pics of your other babies…

OH my I love her painted hair! I have a request from a customer to make one with painted hair! I’ve been practicing a bit. I have made around 44 reborn babies…but none with painted hair…you did GREAT!!! Love her!!


I love her painted hair too!

She is so very pretty. Bol on her auction.

 Hugs Tina