My latest little girl (Ava Raine) :)

Hi everyone! I just wanted to show you all my Ava Raine…thank you so much for peeking everyone! … :MESELX:IT

gorgeous baby

Wow! Wonderful job of reborning… Congratulations for making such a beauty! Love the softness of her mouth and brows, it makes her eyes really stand out. And her hair is TDF!

Best wishes for her auction. This one is outstanding!

I am absolutely in love!!! She is one gorgeous baby. And I love the music on her auction. I play piano but not like that. I found myself lingering on your auction just to listen to the beautiful music. Nicely done.

All the best with your listing, she is a little darling!!! I’m still cheering her on.
Heavenly Dreams Nursery

Beautiful, amazing I LOVE her!

She is gorgeous!

She is stunning! Just perfect!!! I love her little skirt too. Thanks for sharing.


Oh wow, Danielle, she’s amazing! Just perfect in every way! I love her clothes too…where did you get her silk dress? (I KNOW where the tutu outfit came from LOL) Best of luck with her auction. Someone is going to be so happy with her!

Awww thank you so much everyone, your comments have made my day!! You gals are the BEST!

Gerry, I got that dress from Janie and Jack last year…I thought it was so gorgeous, and I’m really happy that I got to use it on Ana Raine Here is Janie and Jack’s website in case you wanted to see it…

She’s beautiful!

You did a great job on her. Her photos are fantastic!

Thank you both so much!! As of right now, she doesn’t have a mommy

Someone will surely bid on her. She is just too pretty to pass up.