My Latest Baby

Here are a few pictures of my lasted baby, what do you think?

Baby Girl 02

Baby Girl 01

Very adorable! What kit is that?

I did not get her as a kit. She came complete and her name was Sarah. She had a wig and her paint made her look like she had a sun burn. I pulled her apart and repainted her and rooted ash blond mohair.

It looks like she was origionally the Pork Chop kit

Is there a kit named Patty, that is what is on the limbs and head?

I don’t know who she is, but she is awfully sweet.

Very sweet!

Thank you, I am hoping one of my co-workers will be a buyer for her. If so, should will be the first BB that I have made that I sold. I have 12 that are mine that I am keeping.