My kmart Berenguer...thanks for looking … 0521514132

WOW!! That is a beautiful baby!

love-love-love her!!! Great job

Wow, that baby is beautiful…great job!!

thanks alot ladies…awwww Cher I love yours to

W O W !!!

Great skin texture.


How adorable!!

Very sweet and so well done!

WOWIE WOW WOWIE, Beautiful work.

I do believe she is the best one I have seen!

Oh my goodness! She is beautiful!! BOL with her auction.

Adorable!!! YOu did a wonderful job and I hope it brings you lots of dolly dollars. I will be bidding on it

Wow, I had to go back and take a second look because I was not convinced that this was a Berenguer. All of them are cute, but I think this is the best so far.

She sure is beautiful! WOW

Wow she is gorgeous, bol on her auction. I’m sure she’ll bring you lots of dolly dollars.

     Hugs Tina

She is precious! I love, love, love, her!!!

Adorable! Great job BOL!

Oh gosh! She is a real honey! I’ll bet you’re just so proud. I absolutely love her…I gotta get to Kmart, I may not be able to make mine look so good, but would be fun trying!

Thanks for sharing.


She’s precious. I saw her earlier and was in love. Makes me want to go find one and try it myself. BOL on your auction.

You did an amazing job on her hair. What size needle do you use? You didn’t mention her eyes. Are they German glass? She is one gorgeous baby! Best wishes on your auction.