My kit turned to gray colour before painting

I need your assistance. I have a popular kit from a trusted website, and I loved the doll so much. I just tried to add her to the cloth body until I found time to paint her, but I was surprised the vinyl turned dark gray color near black. I’m so disappointed because it was pale color, and I liked that kit more than any other kits.
Is it a regular thing? Can I remove that dark color?
Sorry for my English. I hope you understand what I meant.
Thank you so much

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Can you share a pic? And did you have him wrapped in a dark blanket or dressed in dark clothes?


I have some black clothes, but her color totally changed, not a spot.
I afraid if I upload the kit photo anybody thinks I criticize the sculpture itself.
Can I fix that problem when I paint it ?

If you could load a picture somebody here may be able to help.

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Nobody will think that. It’s hard to help you when we don’t really know what you’re dealing with. It’s really hard to say if it’s fixable if we can’t see it.


We look at a lot of unfinished projects and unexplained stains to try to figure out what may have gone wrong. You can love the sculpt and still be bothered by this confusing color change!

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