My kit NEVER came... 😞


Ok, I wasn’t sure what topic to put this under so I went with “off”. I purchased the Clover kit from a member on this forum about a month and a half ago. She never sent tracking or anything, and after about 2 weeks with no reply, I had to turn to paypal. As soon as paypal got involved she messaged right back and said her daughter was sick and she was so sorry that she would mail the kit out the next day. I told her I hoped her daughter was ok and tried to be understanding about her situation. Well, another week went by and still… Nothing.Tried to message her, gave her 2 MORE weeks and she still would not reply. Time was almost up to file a claim, I had no choice. The claim was filed, we never heard another word from her, and paypal finally got the money back. I thought that maybe someone on here might know her personally and maybe something really was wrong. I hope not, but that was my dream kit and I was trying to give her every opportunity to get it out. Also, if nothing is wrong and she was trying to scam me… Aren’t I supposed to warn everyone on here anyways. I am totally bummed about the kit, but I would still like to know if her story is legit or was she just going to take my money and run…


There are some scammers on here. I think you should post her name. She’s had plenty of time to explain herself.
I may have been scammed by someone on here too. I sent money for a kit and haven’t heard from her since. She’s overseas. So I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt for a few weeks. Then, if the kit doesn’t up, you better believe I’ll be posting her name on here for all to see. If we don’t out them, they just scam other people. :confused:


Should post name so no one else gets scammed.


That’s what I’m saying, I would hate to not say anything and her scam someone else. The thing is, she’s been a member for over 2 years. I asked a few different old timers on here about her and even searched her name… She hasn’t been active much lately, but nothing negative anywhere. I believe she even played in the traveling box before. And I would hate to blast her name and something really be wrong… But I did my own “investigating” and shes been active on facebook through all of this. I just don’t get it. So, if anyone happens to know @Amandam or maybe knows why she was unable to ship me my kit after I paid for it… Or maybe this could even give her the chance to stand up and explain herself. I would really like to know what the deal was…


I agree…


I’m surprised a longtime member did this. Hopefully she will come by an explain and hopefully everything is okay with her daughter.


Hopefully so… But while I wait… if anyone happens to have the Clover kit they would be willing to part with, I would still LOVE to have her.


I wonder if it was the same person who I tried to buy that kit off of as well. I’m curious to who it is


I shared her name :point_up: @katieperry and now I’m curious if it was her or not…


I’ve never heard of @Amandam …don’t recall seeing her here!


It looks like she is or was a very active member. I’m not sure, but it seems like a lot of scamming going on in the community as of late. I’m so sorry that happened to you. Just be glad you were able to get your money back!!!


That stinks :frowning: How disappointing that had to of been.
I wish I had a Clover to offer. I really hope someone has her for you!!


She was a very active member a few years ago, not sure what happened to her.


Yea, she was active at some point. And I’m glad I got my money back, just would have much rather had the kit :disappointed: it really does stink… Hopefully someone will come along with her oneday. And hopefully @Amandam doesn’t try to scam anyone else. (If that was tha case)


She used to be active and does have a daughter who was in the hospital a lot.


That’s why I said IF. I really don’t want to talk bad about her if something did happen. I just dont understand why she couldn’t @least communicate a little more and let me know something.


Have you tried messaging her on Facebook? If nothing else, it will at least show you if she has read your messages.


I have not @Katinafleming, I don’t do facebook… I just googled her and it popped up and said she had just updated her profile pic that morning. So I checked back several times durring the last month and a half just to see how active she was. And she got all of my messages (and responded within minutes) up until payment was made. So I’m almost positive she got my messages.


What an odd situation. I wouldn’t expect a long time forum member to scam.
I’m glad you got the money back, at least.


Me either @deedee2413, just another reason I didn’t doubt her story. And I’m glad too, but would have much rather had little Clover :disappointed: