My "Kimber" on Evilbay ~ please take a peek! Thanks! … 1555.l2649
Please put her on your watch list ~ she needs all the help she can get. Thanks!

She is a cutie. Watching.

Watching her! BOL!

She’s on my watch list too.

Karen, she’s adorable! Did you make that tutu? It makes her look like a little ballerina princess (which is exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up)! Watching, and wishing you good luck!

Karen she is precious! Your photography is wonderful. Nice listing, I am a watcher!

Thanks so much for all your kind words, everyone! You’re the BEST!

I got the tutu from BB; it’s so cute, isn’t it??? I thought it suited her expression well.

Keeping my fingers crossed!

She is so sweet, Karen! I love your babies, and she is so darling!!

Thank you sweet Katie!

Awww…that’s a cute baby! I’m watching!

Thank you Rhonda – and I’m watching yours!

I like to use the dark background because I think it helps bring out the skin tones sometimes, not always. It’s all part of my artsy-fartsy thing I’m going through. I added a few with the light colored background just in case people don’t like the dark. I appreciate you taking the time to make a suggestion. I’m fresh out of ideas on how to sell these babies. I’m starting to think it’s the slow season and they just aren’t going to find homes till Fall or maybe Christmas.

Pretty baby! I am thinking of ordering her next. My husband says she would make a cute boy. I think she is all girl and I love her open eye look.

I think she’d be a cute boy, too!

I like the dark background; haven’t done one for ages. Might have another go with it: