My Kameko not finished yet

I just wanted to show her before I add the finishing touches, eyebrows, eyes and hair. I wanted her real light! Hope you can see the skin texture and the veins.

She looks great!! What colors did you use?Iam afraid to start mine because i am not sure what her complextion should look
like. cathy

I used flesh 07, 08, yellow ochre and baby skin 02 then a blush color I make myself with baby skin 02 and warm blush.

Okay im going to pester you some more.How many layers of each did you use?When did you use the yellow ochre?Thanks

2 of each 07, 08, veins, 1 baby skin, 1 of the yellow ochre, creases, another baby skin, 1 blush and then I blush the cheeks, elbows, knees wrinkles. Might vary depending on your layer thickness. This is not a set in stone formula. Hope it helps.


I love the mottling you did on her. I’m still working on getting that just right.

Aww she is just adorable! I think your mottling looks great, her skin looks so real great job!

She is so cute…I really don’t think there is any wrong way to do one. My sister wants me to do mine a darker complection to closely match my niece who was adopted from China 8 years ago.


looks great to me to