My June came today!


I agree, based on your picture it does look too short for my preference as well. I hate when I think I have the right sized body and I don’t. I also have the 300 in my stash and had planned to use it.


Does anyone know if the bigger Joseph body that RoseAnn makes would fit this baby too?


I think so, as I ordered 2 from her; one for my Joseph and one for June


Darn I ordered the 300 body while waiting for Sleeping June to come out but now I feel like it’s definitely too small because I wasn’t going to purchase the torso but I didn’t read the whole page to notice just scrolled to the items that go with the doll if you know what I’m talking about and clicked on the first body I saw. Will this body work without the torso or is it too far off???


I quickly put her in the Kenzie body. No way the 300 is going to work. I got the belly plate not torso. 24mm eyes to me are too small…MISTAKE!! I had 22mm eyes in her. 24mm work much better. So sorry for any confusion.


I am wondering how she would look on Emmy’s body? She looks massive! No way that body would work. Unpopular opinion but I really wish they would design more proportionate bodies…


IDK, Emmy’s 5 inches bigger. That’s a lot, but you might be on to something. Her body’s only 1 1/2 inches longer but definitely chubbier. It just might work. Kenzie and Amelia are both 25"’ and their bodies are the same length as the recommended ones.


She’s Really big! I’m pretty happy with Kenzie’s body :slight_smile:

Kenzie’s body is on sale right now so I would pick it up as soon as you can :slight_smile:


That body does look too short for her. What a shame.


OK I spoke to someone who is a seamstress, reborns babies and also has a baby June.
She says that a reborn doll’s body should be 1.5 to 2 times the length of the head. That is the proper proportion. So she put a 28" body from MacPherson’s on her baby and said it is a perfect fit for size/proportion. If that be the case, then Kenzie’s body probably does look pretty good.
I ordered the 8828 last night and now wish I had not…


Doesn’t Kenzie’s head tip back since she’s crawling? Would her body be sewed differently because of that?


I wondered about that too. I have never reborn Kenzie or seen her body but it looks like in the stock photos that it has gathers down the back to make it do so. If that be the case, I would unsnip them or go with a different body.


It’s a regular body. It’s the way the head n neck made that makes her look up.


Thanks @Msmimi04! I think I’ll go for a Kenzie body then!


You welcome


Can you post a pic of her on it?


You can’t really see the body, but here are s couple pictures. If you look at the neck on the kit, that’s what makes it tilt up,


Middle picture is the back,


Thank you and that explains the neck issue but I was wanting to see June on that body if you had one for her already.


I did yesterday! You may have seen it already. But I’ll go ahead and comment here, just in case anyone is wondering still. :slight_smile: