My July Swap with Robin


This is my swap baby from Robin … I love this baby I have not been able to put her down … and i also received a beautiful blanket and sweater set … thanks Robin for my sweet baby …


How sweet! I love the little dress and the blanket too!


Awww there she is! I am glad you love her. My 8yr old grand daughter and I had so much fun doing this little one. My one year old grandbaby wanted to help and when I wasn’t looking she colored the whole face with a black sharpie majic marker! I cried but with her big brown eyes looking at me saying “Pwetty?” what was I to say to that one? With only two weeks to spare I had to ditch that one and get this sweetie done and in the mail.

So I am super relieved that all worked out.


Glad it all worked out and you were able to get this little one done she is a cutie :0)