My Juliet and Jarome Twins!



Beautiful babies! I love how you get their skin so light!


I like them a lot. You are brave at painting hair. It looks nice.




very very nice!


Very cute!! Great job on the hair!! I want twins!


Oh arent they just beautiful. I absolutely adore everything you have done here and you can see the time and hard work has paid off. great great job


Thanks so much!!


They are both lovely!! There coloring is just perfect.


Oh Kristi what a execellent job!! Even their ears are done beautifully. I just love them. They must have taken a while. Their skin color is just beautiful.
Keep it up girlfriend!!!


You’ve done a wonderful job on them both–Congrats :0)


uh-oh…2 more babies I’m going to have to order…they’re lovely!


They look wonderful. They have a very sweet and peaceful look.


They are adorable! I love the skyblue eyes with the hair perfect match. Congratulations!


The painted hair looks fantastic! I know I couldn’t do that.


Thank you!


They are so cute together! You did a great job on them. Thinking of smuggling those two kits into the house…soon!