My Jarome is on ebay


Sorry if his picture is too big, not sure how to make it smaller. … 1555.l2649


Oh My, is he CUTE!!! I have to ask about his hair (splendid job, BTW!), how do you use the Prisma Pencils? I can’t even lay down enough color for eyebrows! Is the vinyl warm? BOL on his listing!


Thank-you! I drew it on and baked it then used a thickening medium over it. Then drew on another layer and baked again. But if you use a matt varnish first, it makes it much easier to draw on! Not sure if this is the right way to do it, but thats how I did it!


So cute! All the best with our listing :0)


He is an adorable baby boy…everything about him is wonderful! Best of luck with his auction and your picture was the PERFECT size!!


You did a good job on him, just can’t decide if I like that sculpt or not. Love the outfit with the hat on him and your photographs. Hope he sells for you!


Beautiful baby! Where in Maine are you? I have a sister in Winterport.


Thank-you all! Ginnylee, I live about two hours northeast of winterport. Near Springfield… I just went through Winterport a couple of weeks ago, going to some yard sales. (Love yard sales!)


Deb loves her yard sales too! Good luck with your Jarome!


Beautiful baby! BOL with your auction!


Thank-you Ginnylee and Karen! Ebay is pretty slow right now… Guess thats part of the fun of it, you just never know!