My honey... is home with his sister..New pics!

Meet Simon. I just took some quick pics…had to use flash, could not wait to share him…still have to gloss his lips and eyes…

He is now home with his sister Samantha…

Wake up…I wanna pway!

Is sse goina to wake up soooon…

oh he is so cute,you did a good job!!!

I’m in LOVE and I love the name Simon Are those BB dark oriental eyes? (I really like them)

thank-you for all the wonderful comments…his eyes are bb dark brown, the oriental brown is a shade darker…I have both here!

What a cutie he is with those big dark eyes.

I love those dark eyes! What a cutie!

Thank you for all the wonderful comments…Simon went Home today.

He is soo cute, I love the pictures of the babies together.

Hugs Tina

Samantha is such a sleepy head. She won’t wake up and play!