My Home Depot Story

I am making as a few of you know some babies for the Angel tree in Lawrence County where I grew up and I work. An Angel tree is a tree erected in the courthouse every year and names of children who will not get Christmas gifts have their names placed on it with their information on it. Name, age, sex, clothes sizes, and if they have a special Christmas gift they want such as a baby or ball or what ever is on a angle cut out. You go to the tree and choose a tag and go let the person in charge know you have it and then buy the gift of toy and outfit and wrap them and take back to the person in charge. I found some body parts on line a couple of months ago and a few weeks later some heads I could afford, Now they were bereungers, I love those babies but they have no flanges built in. I have them painted of course, no eyelashes or eyebrows, anyway I could not figure out what I was going to use. I went out to our shop and dug around some and found some old plumbing fixtures and thought wow if those were small enough! So I took 5 heads in a pink camo zippered bag and while I was running errands I took them to home depot with me. Now when my husband was in Iraq the guys in there got used to me bringing in pictures of things I needed parts for. I refuse to go in there and say I need that thingy that goes for this thing to the other thing. I have no clue about that stuff. For example I had to replace a toilet and my water hose that supplies water to the toilet was messed up and not reusable. I took a pic of the fixture in the floor and said I need what goes between here and the toilet. I learned ot replaces several things, That is another story. Anyway I took my bag and got a cart found the plumbing aisle and went on a treasure hunt. Anything that had a part that would stick up in the head was a candidate. Well the guy who works in that department walked up to me with a funny look on his face and asked if he could help me. I showed him the head in my hand and told him I had 4 others and I needed some thing to go up inside the head and that had a flared out part so it would stay in the body once I attached it. He took that baby and examined the head in his hand and the look on his face was priceless. Once I told him what I was going to do with it he was very helpful and found a part to help me out. He even forced the pieces in the heads so they were there. He laughed and said “well I guess if anyone asked you know how to get a head.” I went to the checkout and the girl there who checked me out and said “that is kinda creepy do you know that?” This has to be the first time I have seen a head in here that was not attached to a body. By the time she scanned the parts with the heads on top several people had gathered around and were looking intently at what she had. I just took the opportunity to explain reborning to them. Drats! I never have a baby when I need it. I wish I had thought to take one put together. Has anyone else had a story like this they would like to share?

Is it just me? Or do others not tell theirs?

Here are the requested pics of the “adapter” I got at Home Depot. This is bar code

Deb - I love that adaptor, I found also that the orange handle from the pet lint rollers work on the Nod doll very nicely and extend into the body cavity … it just doesn’t have the stopper rim so technically you could pull the head off, but it’s not easy! I seriously thought about using that until Sissy sent me a neck flange that I could use! Hah! Love the story!

It is threaded and the guy at Home Depot shuved hard to get the heads on the threaded area I tried picking them up by the heads and being rough with them. I seriously do think they are coming off and Pet lint hint I never thought of that. I had some white paint on my hand and it came off of the baby I just wanted to let your know. The pictuers showed some paint under chin and face I think it was. I got it all off with water and a dish rag.

I don’t have a story, but LOVE your NOD!!!

Ty Karen I was all excited about entering him in a contest with the pictures until I got discouraged and am finally showing him. I have him dressed now as a gift for christmas. I love his full body I wish we had more sculpts that had full bodies.

Well, he is just ADORABLE! I love the full body sculpts, too.

Great story! I’ve been forbidden to take my babies out in public so far…still working on the kids letting me. Really want to someday.

I had my Crystal in the truck today because my husband brought me the wrong one to work. One of my friends was in a store I ran into today and she asked about my baboies she had not seen them in person. So I took Libby and my Crystal in the store one of the ladies about had a fit and ran to grab Crystal because hs ethought I was not securly holding my baby. Was so funny once I realised what she was doing. They passed them around and ohhed and ahhed over them.