My Heather so far,debating on these eyebrows?


Briefly put my heather together. How is she looking? Any constructive criticism? Are these eyebrows too dark? She’s not finished so I’m able to change most anything.


I really like her skin tone! As strictly a collector I like her eyebrows. Is she getting hair?


She is nice ! I think her eyebrows are perfects !


Her coloring looks amazing! I think the only thing I’d say is that her eyebrows are a touch to high, but you can get away with it!


She is really pretty beautiful! I can’t really see the eyebrows well enough in the pictures to say.


I think the brows are fine, they are on the brow bone. She looks good!


Wow! I really love her coloring and mottling! The brows look good too!


She’s adorable. I love Heather’s expression. Her eyebrows are perfect, IMO.


She’s sweet her eyebrows look great. Great job


She looks good to me. I like the eyebrows!


Thank you so much everyone :blush: we are waiting on mohair now! Hoping she’ll be a cute strawberry blonde.


ADORABLE!!! I love this kit!! So angelic :slight_smile:


Oh and BTW I love her eyebrows lol :wink: