My great nephews newborn photo shoot yesterday


Definitely :slight_smile: I love how they turned out so I love to share them lol Sorry there’s a lot haha I couldn’t pick one


You did a fantastic job! I love the fur shots so much but they are all amazing. So you totally understand that emotional bond that you make


Thank you :slight_smile: The fur is actually from the hood of a winter jacket, it unzips to be washed so I stole it :joy:
I definitely do, it’s something so special. Especially with babies who are so new and precious. My nephew Joseph was exactly a week old in these photos, the youngest baby I’ve photographed was 5 days old.
Do you typically make your own props? I make all of mine cause I’m cheap lol I have a cute little rocking chair that needs to be fixed up and painted, and I can’t wait to use it for some pics.


Having projects is so fun isn’t it! Yes I sure do, I make most of them anyhow. Yes I am super cheap. Most of my life is furnished or dressed by second hand lol. I will see if I can share a few of my past pics and props I made. I did a hot air balloon once a grapevine swing, oh and a plane. The youngest I did was 5 days too. Having them now ages 10 and younger and still a part of my life is such a heart warming experience :heart_eyes::heart:


Also made the tent and lace canopy thing.


Those are gorgeous! Do you have a pic of the hot air balloon? I’ve been planning something similar, but am at a loss for ideas. You can pm me too, if you would prefer that :slight_smile:


Oh yeah I forgot to screenshot that. I have a Flickr sight with a lot of my pics over the years.


This is a fun idea you will enjoy it, and the mama said it was one of her favorites as well. I used a blow up pool ball, burlap wide ribbon from I think it was hobby lobby. I crocheted the hat. And a basket. The weight bags are actually cedar chip bags sold for the closet to keep moths out. It was on a clearance rack at Ross. Oh and wood dowls


Oh did you make his little grey outfit with the durag and white buttons? It is so cute, nice posing too😍.
Here is my Flickr photostream


Yeah I did, I bought the pattern on etsy. I will get you a link to the pattern,It’s the Allen pattern, I also have the Adelyn pattern from their shop and it’s SO precious!
I love the hot air balloon photo! So so precious! I have a lot of hot air balloon themed stuff planned, so this is perfect!
Link to all NB patterns

And to the Allen pattern


Wow these patterns are amazing, why didn’t I come across when I was looking to sew my own props, they are all exactly what I love. Thank you so much for sharing. I will be pouring over these patterns later lol! I did buy this one and it was easy to follow and fit a newborn perfectly the newborn photo shot is not mine( I wish I was that good lol) I make a lot of photo props for this photographer so this is one I sewed that she photographed. I made the posing pillow too.


The’re really easy to follow, and you get access to a facebook group with help & stuff as well
Wow, those are gorgeous! I’ll look into that pattern also


I crocheted his hat and sewed the pillow and long sleeve onesie for him :heart_eyes: