My great nephews newborn photo shoot yesterday


I was just so smitten with this little petite cutie pie. He was Joseph awake size ( I know because we put my reborns by him tooo fun​:laughing:) should have had some one snap that pic. Here is one pic from his shoot. I was just inspecting all his coloring and details was wonderful :heart_eyes:


Aaaaaw so cute!


The boat was a navy blue shelving unit repurposed from inspiration I found on Pinterest


Very cute


So precious :blue_heart:


Oh my goodness, what a cutie!! I love the boat, that is so cool


Thank you☺️, he was so cute we could have just sat and looked at him all day long


He is adorable and I love the little boat too!!! :smile:


Soooo cute!!!


What a cutie!


Oh my gosh cutest baby ever!!!


He’s Adorable!


So adorable! Thanks for sharing.


Awww he is beautiful and such a cute pic, love the boat!


What a beautiful baby and photo :heart:


Thank you ladies you are all so kind and supportive :heart_eyes:. I will share more picks from his shoot later!


Newborn photo shoots are the best! There’s just something so special about capturing such a tiny precious new life. Gorgeous photo and baby!


Thank you, I just do it for friends and family, never have done it professionally. I just Love getting to bond so strong with the newest members of our family and friends.


I do the same :slight_smile: The last newborn I photographed was my nephew, nearly a year ago. I had gotten tired of doing bright blues and all the normal stuff, so I did his a bit darker, and more earthy. Deep blues,browns,cream and greens. I love designing sets, different for each individual baby.


That sound very beautiful, artistic. Can you share a pic would love to see, I can spend hours looking at all sorts of newborn photography!