My grandma doesn't like that I have a reborn (I'm 20 years old)


That a girl !! it was fun wasn’t it ? I know whatever the response I get when mine go out it is fun and as I said it is usually taken in stride the only times I am not having fun is if people act like it is all normal nothing out of place with that old woman having a baby :rofl:


Better that you have a doll than a baby that you can’t take care of yet. Tell that one to your grandmother. Love that doll. Have good clean fun.


i first found out about reborns, though they werent called that, from my grandma who died 20 years ago,

when i was a little girl she told me how in Germany, women would take their daughter’s baby doll and paint them to look like real babies.

i wish she was still alive to see this.


Wouldn’t she love reborns!?


she said my great grandmother made some really amazing ones that made people do a doubletake

the art originated in 1940’s europe.

so this is not something new. i really went off on that lady who tried to patent the name reborn babydolls

I told her she did not make up the phrase herself or the idea, but even if she had, that doesnt mean she owns it. If that were so the patent office would be full of people patenting everything that came out of their mouths

I think she gave up.

Patenting is a long tedious process. My daughter has two and one more in the works and they take between 3 and 5 years some much longer, lots of testing and documentation. There is even a service that provides the proper verbiage.

So shes gone