My Gao from Lotus sculpt

Here is my newest little one, Gao from the Lotus sculpt by Adrie Stoete. He will be going to ebay tomorrow… Hopefully I can get a few more good pics before then, the light is just not cooperating!! All comments, suggestions, and critiques welcome!!

What a cute little man! I love his Halloween onesie.

He is SO CUTE!

he is gorgeous, love that baby

He is adorable. Bol on his auction.

    Hugs Tina

He is to cute ,love the painted hair

He is so cute!

He is a cutie!

Thank you so much everyone for the kind words. I have him listed now on the bay and hes really flying, so far he’s up to $1.25!!!
Some of his pics aren’t the best, so if he doesn’t sell I may redo his photo shoot and try again… or maybe I will just keep him here with me

He sure is a handsom fellow. BOL with his auction…

Somehow I’ve missed this post and seeing your baby. He’s adorable! I’m glad I found him!