My first try at reborning!

This is my first baby I have done. I use to work for Lee Middleton as a painter and I can say this is so different and I am hooked on it… I know she is not perfect and I need loads of help with rooting so feel free to comment any suggestion you may have. I got started on this after my baby granddaughter died… It has helped me somehow get through that horrible time.

I think she turned out cute! Better than my first. The only thing I would suggest is taming her hair down with some spray on conditioner. Keep it up and show us your next one.

Thank you!! I did use the conditioner on her, I used the curly blonde hair on her and I just think it curls up to much, but I did it for my mom for Christmas so I am sure she will like her… Or I hope,lol… I am getting ready to start another one but I just found out that I should also use the yellow paint in with my flesh so I might have to put that on hold till I can order it… Just my luck though. I am reading everything I can on this Forum to learn as much as I can… My main thing is rooting I think I really need help with it, lol.

Oh I’m sure your mom will love her. Yeah rooting is the hardest for me too. I’m still learning to root.

I look at so many reborn babies every day and I am always amazed at how good the hair looks. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do the crown. Plus I think I don’t put my needle in, in the right direction. I am totoally confused with it all. I think all the babies I make will wear a hat, lol. Problem solved, lol…

hi Cindy,

I’m so sorry for your loss. There aren’t words enough to say anything adequate about that.

I’m glad you have found reborning to keep your time occupied. I think your past experience shows in your dolly. Her painting is quite beautiful. She’s pretty darn impressive for your first reborn. I’m a beginner too and I think you’ll find these ladies on here are super helpful with any questions.

hey, can we ask you all about the Middleton dolls? Lol


Reborning is very good therapy.

I’m sorry I keep posting duplicates!! I’m having technical difficulties.

Congratulations on your first reborn!

Thanks everyone!! And you can ask me whatever you like about Lee Middletons Dolls. I also worked for Lloyed too. But I worked for Lee longer… She was the nicest person and so down to earth. I started out there stuffing the bodies as everyone did then I got moved to the assembly line where I stuffed the heads put eyelashes on, wigged hair on then was moved to the body line where I put the arms and legs and heads on the body wrapped them with tissue paper then sent them to be dressed. Then they came and asked me did you work for Lloyed and I thought well now I am going to be fired, seeing how they were divorce,lol. But they just wanted to know what I did there and I said the only thing I did was paint. They were so mad at me cause I never said anything before. Well I thought I had to be like everyone else and work my way there. So they put me at painting and thats where I stayed. Painting for Lee is so much different, it is all done with air brushing and if you don’t have the right motion and control over your spray gun then you won’t produce a very good job. I loved my job there and was so pissed off when they sold everything over seas… Our people lost alot of jobs there. But after Lee passed away her children had control and thats how they decided to do it. All the dolls clothes were made out of peoples home which employed even more people and their jobs were lost too. I got to met alot of people there. But the one who impressed me the most was Reva Schick (I don’t think I spelled her name right,lol) I got to meet her personally and she is just a awesome sculpture.

Welcome to BB Cindy. I am sorry for your loss. I also began reborning after my son died. Its been a long painful journey.

Your first baby is terrific and I enjoyed your story about working at Middleton.

Dont worry about rooting it just takes practice.

Cindy I was wondering how much yellow you are going to add to the flesh?
Are you using the flesh that comes in the mixed paint set and says flesh #2 on it or a different flesh number or are you mixing it yourself?

Inquiring minds want to know

I cant get my flesh to be a real baby color.

I wondered about the yellow too. I thought it was only something added to ethnic baby color. I’m confused and intrigued.

Ok here’s a Middleton doll question. Which ones can be rooted? I have struggled with figuring this out! And I love Reva Schick’s Middleton dolls but I want to reborn one and I don’t want to wig it. Are the play babies soft enought to root.

I did not use any yellow with my paint. I just found out through another lady that I should apply one layer of mixing flesh 07 and the yellow ochre and apply as a second coat of foundation. All I used on this baby was the flesh 07 and alittle of flesh 08. And did two coats of the foundation and thats way she turned out…
My second doll doesn’t look as good cause I did not do the second coat of foundation I was just seeing how trying different things worked, now I know,lol

All of our Lee middleton dolls was wigged… Thats all we did there. So I really have no clue to which ones would do better, but I have seen alot of Reva babies being reborned and the hair is rooted. I don’t know if that helps you out or not. I loved her dolls and I think they are so much prettier when they are reborned.

I got a little Reva Middleton at a tag sale and her little head is hard as a rock.
Maybe people heat her head to root?

Yes I would heat the head up to soften it while rooting. I know when we would wig the dolls from Lee Middleton’s we always heated the head up in a warmer to do the wigs…

Hi Cindy and welcome.From what I can see your first is darling!!!
Rooting…well it takes good mohair,the right needle and a lot of practise
I was an avid (or rabid ) collector of Middleton dolls
before I started reborning. I have a roomfull of Lee (mostly) and Lloyds
dolls.And some while they were together.Did you get some for yourself??
I have been looking for a “sweet lips” head to reborn.She’s my favorite.

Yes I had tons of dolls I purchased there. Mostly they went as gifts to my mother, mother in-law and my girls. I do have 3 that are boxed up. We always got a discount when we bought, it was nice but sometimes you spent your whole weeks paycheck on a doll so I had to stop buying, lol. But it was really hard not to buy all that you could…