My first try at mottling-feedback or advice please?

Here are some pics of my first attempt. I took them tonight on my phone under my ott light. I’m mostly satisfied & I learned some things but I’d really appreciate your thoughts.
I’m hoping the darker areas will lighten up after adding some more flesh layers and earth mint washes. I wanted to try using a silk sponge but I couldn’t get one right away so I used the technique of pouncing on with a cosmetic sponge and removing color with the berry makers.

Let me know what you think & if you have any helpful advice. Thank you!

Nicole … 153724.jpg … 153707.jpg … 153480.jpg … 153429.jpg

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Ok BB this is what I think…phone pictures don’t show up well
I’m kidding, that’s all I had before too
From what I can see it looks good.If you think I’ts too dark mint green and/or flesh will lighten it.
Some babies have dark mottling it’s whatever
you prefer. Houshold sponges work good too.I don’t like the sea sponges,
I never got the nack for using them.I use a cosmetic sponge and pick
pieces out with a tweezers so I get the size I want.Keep up the good work,
you’re doing fine

Thanks Debra! I want to try it that way too. It’s not all over but in some places she’s a little polka dotty lol.
How did you get your pup to look at the doll like that? I love it!!

My Cujo loves babies,real or otherwise.
He just can’t figure out why mine don’t cry

It’s hard to see but I think you are doing beatifully. What I can see is terrific. I have been using the pinched out cosmetic sponge trick lately and just love that. Either way what works for you is important. Keep it up girlfriend!!!

Would you gals show me a picture of your mottling sponges? Oh please?


And thank you grammyjladr!

I’m not good at the,photo thing but just take a cosmetic sponge and those little nippers BB sells to cut the nylon straps. Nip off little chunks of the flat square side, creating a rough honeycomb sort of pattern and use it just like a rubber stamp turning this way and that as you go along. Kind of like a ragged, uneven waffle pattern. Does that make any sense? It really works well. I learned it from Lara. Do your self a huge faver and take one of her classes. Unbelievably usefull.

I think it looks good. Keep it up because you are going great. And don’t worry if she looks too red and splotchy because after the flesh layers and the mint green it will tone it down. I use a large bath sponge cut into pieces. I like it because it is soft and has big holes. It’s not as stiff as my sea sponge.

Thanks ladies! My mom is in town so I guess i’ll have to get one of my real cameras out tomorrow lol. She wants pics with grandkids. I’ll try to post some better pics. I am liking all the sponge advice. That’s one thing I keep trying to vary until I find what I like. I did find that the sea sponge for flesh is a NO GO for me. Denise does it on her dvd but my attempt was really splotchy looking. Not good. So i’m going to try these other methods you suggest too until I’ve tried them all.

Oh Grammyjlader I am enrolled in Lara’s upcoming Jack class! I’m excited!

Thanks for all the help! Even with crummy pics. I can’t believe how dark they look. On my phone they were bright! Mmmmm. Maybe I need to set my screen brightness back to auto. I bet that’s my fault! lol

From what I can see it is looking good. I mottle some of my babies a lot and others I don’t. When I do a lot of mottling I do follow up with a watered mint green layer and it just helps to blend things together.

The baby you bought from me is not mottled because she is a red head and I wanted her to have more fair peaches and cream coloring.

It might be my monitor or it might have been the picture, but I really couldn’t see much mottling at all. Some people prefer lightly mottled, some prefer heavier so it’s really a matter of preference. Keep working at it until you get your baby just like you like!

From what I can see in the pictures she is looking good. I sure your niece will be elated. Now you just need to get a real camera so we can see big wonderful pics

I think your mottling looks very natural! If I can later I’ll post a pic of a cosmetic sponge…not that I have had much experience using it, but I do have one snipped for mottling! LOL!

I could only tell in the last picture, but I think it looks very natural. Great job!

Car wash sponges work great too !

Uhhhh Kim…I might be gonna steal your siggy baby. Have you seen my wanted post?? This is really cruel. Just sayin.

LOL Thank you Nicole but kidnapping is illegal !

I haven’t seen your wanted post but I am guessing you are looking for an aa baby!

A Vienna! And this coloring is my fav. I’m plotting against you right now. My sons have told me I’m an evil genius so watch out.

Looks natural, I like faint mottling.