My first time on Ebay

I just placed my baby on E-bay. Please wish us luck!!! I have never sold a baby there before.
I hope she does good. here is the link, … 3efe1bb8e1
please tell me what you think. If I need to do something different.
This is a special ancient Egyptian Princess. I really do need feedback

Oh, what a cutie. I think she is adorable and I love the theme… really sets her apart from the others. With so many babies on ebay, I think you really need something like that.

The only thing I seen that I might would do different, is be careful when you take your pictures to make sure the cloth body is covered completely by clothes or such… I notice in one of the pictures that you can see the cloth on the shoulder. I have always thought it was not doing the “real” look much if we show the unreal side of them.

Otherwise, everything about her is beautiful and best of luck on her Auction!

Thanks so much. I totally agree.
I have seen a lot of improvements I could make, expecially in the pictures.
I guess I was a little ancious putting her out there so fast.

What a great idea. Probably not a doll I’d buy but it’s good to have something different and unique from all the hundreds of reborns on ebay. Better than the one with the creepy story and the bloody mouth!