My first shot at hands.... Honest opinions please


Deleted the pictures


Each time I look at your little baby’s face it just makes me smile. I’m a hands & feet person and it’s a deal breaker for me if I don’t like the hands and feet. I want to see individual fingers and toes. I like to hold hands with my babies and touch their feet. That is a lovely hand. I think you have done a beautiful job & if I had enough money I would want one of your babies but being disabled it’s out of my reach!! I can’t wait to see your feet!! Thanks so much for sharing I have always wanted to see a baby being made like this!!


Added a close up


I am in awe!! You should enter your baby in the Collii awards!! Great job!! Looks like a reall baby’s hands and limb and the right pose.


The back of the hand is perfect! The inside, the pad of the thumb looks disjointed. Maybe more blending towards the wrist, so you still have the puffy thumb pad but it looks like it still a part of the hand as a whole.


That’s flipping amazing!! What kind of clay are you using? I too think the thumb looks a little off, maybe a bit large to the rest but the fingers are just amazing!! Wtg


Yeah I hate how the thumb photographed. It is the lighting, makes that crease look too deep. I noticed that when I took the pictures. In person it’s not nearly that noticeable. I’m not sure if I should run the risk of reheating the clay though to blend in some more. I would hate for it to crack.

I am using super sculpty


Great job! Love the fingers doing something other than making a fist even if real babies do that a lot!


Thanks, the other hand will be open too. I love open hand kits so much more then closed. Harder to do but has so much more personality!


Wow, you really have a talent for this. I agree that the thumb looks alittle too long and I too think you ought to enter this baby in th Collii Awards. Go for it, it gets your name out there.


Thanks for the input about the thumb guys. I will fix that with the other hand. Small I perfections give it character right? Haha


Like I said before…if and when you want to sell this little one you may have a war on your hands…What a cutie!!!
If you want to know about reheating you should PM Friki (Martina). She works in Sculpey alot.

I adore the face and agree with the others about the thumb…but seriously Katy your hand is better than some of the hands on some of the kits that are being sold every day. I am also a hand and feet person. Your’s has life and motion. Keep going…this is so exciting!!!


His face is enough for me to fall in love with that i never noticed the thumb. He’s awsome!!!


One adorable ! Love face! I’d love to smooch that baby!


I am agreeing on the thumb but want to tell you how impressed I am. Way cool!


Did you use an existing vinyl arm and covered it with clay, or did the whole arm with clay?

Either way, it’s very impressive


The upper part of the arm (above the elbow has vinyl under it, so I could use the flange. It keeps the arm supported better so the flange doesn’t smoosh when I am sculpting. I cut the vinyl right above the elbow and the rest is solid clay (has tin foil bulking up until the hand, and the hand is solid clay).

The head has vinyl up until the chin area, again so I could use the flange for support. Then bulking with tin foil .


I hate to be the potential bearer of bad news here but you might want to check the Colliii rules… For some reason, I seem to remember that any doll, reborn or OOAK sculpt, entered must not have been shown anywhere before so as to remain completely anonymous.

As for your sculpt - your baby’s head is precious and I love the way your little hand is turning out!


Scuplts can be shown. If I decide to enter the pictures will be removed. Also, I will not be posting the final doll until after the awards IF I decide to enter. Reborns can’t be shown, OOAKs can.
I also wont be announcing IF I enter (I haven’t decided yet) this baby.
From colliii
Dolls that have previously been displayed are allowed to enter the competition, which is a change from the 2008 Colliii Awards, not however dolls that have already taken part in the Colliii Awards. Please refrain from promoting dolls that are in the competition either in a forum, or by any other means of communication as this might manipulate the voting. Any dolls where this is the case will be disqualified.


I agree with everyone about that thumb as well.

I simply ADORE his face.