My first reborns Molly and Paisley

I hope this works these are my first 2 reborns Molly now Amber Lin was my first. “Paisley” was my second.


looks like you’re off to a great start

Great job! Yippee I’m not the newest newbie. Though technically maybe I am because you’ve done more than me lol. I absolutely love Amber Lin the most. But I love that sculpt. She’s so pretty in her Christmas onesie. She does not look like a first baby at all! Maybe we can cheer each other on.

ps from one newbie to another- which was harder for you-rooting or lips?

Thank you Nicole

THE ROOTING!!! I still am having a hard time. Amber Lin was done with the ultra needles and I had a hard time catching any hair, but didn’t break any needles. So for Paisley, I changed to the regular german needle…broke lots and had way to much hair…oh well am working on another baby right now, better at less hair, but still breaking lots of needles…the next I am going to change back to the ultra needles. As far as the lips go, I used BB’s premixed paints (I’m not ready for mixing my own yet) and really didn’t have a problem.


Keep up the good work. Your rooting is better than mine and I’ve done 5 dolls so far. So you’re off to a good start.

Very Nice…keep up the good work!

Remember we were all newbies once…well I am still, sorta …been reborning since Feb 2009, & I’m so hooked!