My first reborn

Hello everyone I am new on here I just purchased my first kit last week… I got the Kaya kit…I am going to add some pictures and I want honest feedback… If something does not seem right PLEASE tell me… This is my first baby and I want to improve so I need honesty… I have not actually put her body together she is just posed and I have not rooted the hair I am scared haha… thanks for looking… I am also adding my facebook so if you want to add me I would love some reborner friends I was told this is the best place to come for friends and advise

I think she looks great! For your first dollyou did a wounderful job! Karen

Your baby is sooo cute I checked him out earlier when I saw Newbie I think his lashes look great

i think I am just emotional but you guys made me cry… Thank you

She looks very nice to me. Congratulations on your first baby!

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Wow! How about that for a critique? Great job Karen!!!

Wow I just saw this haha You all are so kind!! I have come a long way since this baby, Her momma still sends me pictures now and then!!

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