My First Reborn Kit! ~will update as things progress~


@debbie1 CustomDollBaby is a YouTube channel that does reborn tutorials :slight_smile: it’s not really a custom baby!


OH…now I feel like a bloomin idiot!! lol !!! Thank You


Hahaha :laughing: it’s an easy mistake to make! I would have been confused if I hadn’t known that YouTube channel!


I think you’re probably right :slight_smile:️ Not to mention that, like she said, it’s much easier to add more (with anything) than to take away. I did find myself making some of my mottling layers a bit darker than she said though, lol I needed to be able to see SOMETHING, lol Actually I’m pretty sure if I hadn’t kicked it up a notch you STILL wouldnt be able to see any color on my little miss, haha


That is the first process of hers I pumped up myself as well, I think you will be happy you did. I felt the same, I need to see it!


Does it darken when it cures? I thought maybe that was why she went so light…


No I do not find it darkens as it bakesat all. But you can do a mottling color over again later if you want that color to be brought out more. Honestly mottling is one of the harder I could possibly even get away with saying hardest steps to learn and be skillful at. Your pics look like you are already getting a nice handle on it right off the bat!


In my experience, everything lightens as it cures. Takes forever to see a change. :confused:


Oh dear :confounded: I’m hoping maybe that won’t be the case with these layers of mottling. They’ve dried for over 24 hours, maybe … :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2: lol


Aww, thank you!! lol I credit Dr Husband’s ‘This part could be more even… you missed a little here’ review, hahaha! :joy:


My hubby does the same for me. I love having another set of fresh eyes to critique before I bake


Not great pictures (not great lighting) but also not a great doll. Clearly she’s my first. Not done, BTW, but close… unfortunately sigh


She is a fine first baby! Its all up to you, you can redo any of the layers as many times as you want, add mottle, add warm layer washes ect. You are the creator :blush: My first looked like a china doll the paint was applied so thick :wink: ( yours does not btw) Important thing is too enjoy it, each one will be better as you experiment with colors ect.


Oh, thank you :slight_smile:️ I HAVE had fun with her :slight_smile:️ She’s extra special because her kit was made at about the same gestation as I was when my brother and I were born. I’m a little disappointed that the mottling got so covered up with the blush and flesh layers, it was pretty good mottling if I do say so myself :smirk:
But thank you :slight_smile:️ Very much :slight_smile:


You can do more mottling layers if you feel you can’t see them enough. I do a lot of mottle layers in different colors to build depth :slight_smile:


My little man wanted to hold her. He even sang to her :slight_smile:️ I may not be 100% happy with her but he thinks she’s great.


She is a beautiful first baby you are well on your way already. Now that you have done one completely do you have thoughts on what you want for your next baby?


I think she’s precious. I love those lanky limbs. And you did a great job painting her. :heart_eyes:


Thank you! :slight_smile:
@Reefbubbles , I think I went wrong by trying to cover how pink she had been. She had mottling I was proud of but it got buried when I rented the matte finish in an attempt to tone it down. Who cares, preemies are pink! :woman_facepalming:t2: Anyway that’s probably the bit I’m the most unhappy with so nex baby I’ll DEFINITELY leave the finish alone, hah! You can still see some of her good details but she looks SO washed out :confounded: Ah, well, you live, you learn, and then you scrimp and save until you can try it again, hahaha!

I especially love the blue vein peeking out at her nose… my son has one there :slight_smile:


Oh and I do NOT want to do another 3/4 limb kit, I hate the plushy bulgy whatever at the tops of their arms and legs :confounded: