My first reborn in 15 years


So excited to have finished this baby ! I hadn’t made one in 15 years and I have never hand rooted ! I am sure it’s far from perfect but I love it


15 years???! :open_mouth:

Glad you’re back to reborning! :slight_smile:


Yes !!! It’s been soooo long ! Ran into a little girl at the airport with a reborn and thought … I want to do that again … so I did :):grinning:


That’s great! :smile:


Back in the saddle again…nice baby, welcome back to the dark side.


You did a beautiful job welcome back!!


WOW, how did you stay away soooooo long?? Welcome back, glad to see your little one all finished. What a cutie, bless the airport for bringing you back!!


Does anyone know where I can get a silicone doll to reborn ?


Connie, have you ever done a silicone? It’s a whole different ball game. Don’t mean to be intruding here but was just wondering. I think you might be able to find some silicone kits out there but they are really expensive. Good luck with your search.


No I haven’t! I just saw one and it $7,000 ! Umm no way ! But looks awesome.


Really cute! Congratulations on your new baby! And welcome back!


Thank you