My first reborn getting there


Have lots more hair to root but he is getting there … thanks to everyone who answered some of my questions . He is not perfect but i love him and he was meant to be a gift for a birthday.


Keep him, unless he is going to a family member. He is so cute! You did a great job on your first!


He’s cute!


He’s cute. And you picked the hardest color of mohair for your first doll. That pale blonde is hard to see. :see_no_evil:


Yes!! I finished rooting pale blonde twins this morning and… never again!


Thanks everyone… he is going to a family member though I’m tempted to keep him since he is my first


He was meant to resemble this baby and is a gift for a birthday


What kind of hair is it? I’m looking for that exact colour/texture for my son’s reborn doll.

You’ve done a wonderful job with your first! Hurrah!


Omg… love him what kit is he? I need to know where you got his shoes and shirt my sons a travel soccer player and I would love those for his twin reborn!


I made his jersey myself out of a bigger size jersey I’m currently making the shorts to match the jersey . His shoes are just some baby Jordan’s . He is the kit Li from Priscilla Lopez :smiley:


I bought the hair off Etsy at a shop called NavyBlueNavel she called it “Emily “ cream beige and i loved it so much more in person than the picture shows and it’s so easy to root …


Omg… that’s a idea I never thought of that thank you!


He looks good for a first one, love his hair!