My first reborn Ella - WIP. Need help with lips color


Hello Everyone!
Here is my WIP on my first reborn little Ella. I think I am happy how her legs and arms turned out. Just need to do the nails. But I need a color advise on her lips. I don’t like how red they come out with genesis premixed ‘lips & nails’, but when I tried to custom made lip color, it turned out too orangey. Good formula for baby looking lips color will be appreciated.
I’ll shade her nostrils more. And I know that one of her right side close to the temple more pinkish than another, tried to fix it, but I think I made it worse, so I decided to leave it.

Any critics and advises will be greatly appreciated also. Thank you!

Legs & Arms





You are doing really well for your first!

Sometimes I mix lips and baby skin in thinning medium. I outline and drag inward etc… it takes a few layers


Very lovely!


Thank you, Jenni!


I think she looks great!


Wow amazing for first time!


Also camera and lightning made it looks like one foot more reddish than another one, but they are actually the same color.

Thank you for your encouragement, all!


She’s a cutie


Awesome job for a first. For lips, try red with a touch of black.


You are doing an amazing job for it being your first. Keep up the great work!


She looks amazing for your first!


Thank you! I received my BB order today with more paint, will experiment more tomorrow :grinning:


I love it, it’s beatiful


I’m excited to see your updates…I’ve always loved Ella!!


Wow!! You’re doing a great job. Yes, I always have to experiment with the lip color. Sometimes I mix a little red with purple and bake and keep adding color as I bake to see what it needs. I’m anxious to see your finished Ella. :blush:


Here is my WIP Ella is ready for a night after varnishing and partial assembling.
Left: body stuffing, eyelashes, lip gloss, hair painting.
I am getting close!


The end is in sight :slight_smile:


Looking wonderful


I practiced some hair painting tonight on Caleb’s testing head and I think I am satisfied with what I achieved. Now just need to repeat that on Ella’s head. Also my persistence payed off and I finally was able to defused Ella’s lip color. And had to pat myself on a shoulder - loving her eyebrows. She actually does not have that yellow hue on her face, it’s night and it’s an inexpensive phone camera.


It’s a great feeling to get it right! I think you’re a natural :slight_smile: