My first Reborn baby! (Pic Heavy)


I drew the hair before added matte finish, then I did more highlights and shading after the matte. Amazing! It’s easier to draw with the texture but I think it looks smoother before.


These are beautiful!! You are incredibly talented. I could tell you had experience in drawing by the way you did the eyebrows and hair on your doll. I can’t wait to see where you go from here! You’re going to do really well selling your dolls.

Have you ever seen mohair stuffed animals? They are so awesome. I want to try my hand at making them someday. There is a whole world of teddy bear creators and collectors similar to the reborn community. I haven’t delved in yet, but I thought you might be interested?

Let me know if you want to try this together! Haha like we need another media…:wink:


I have been super interested since I collect teddy bears! I’ve seen the techniques where you trim the fur around the nose and thought it was brilliant. Here’s some of my stuffed animals, I generally make custom gifts for birthdays. I even made one as a special gift to go along with my baby! (A simple but adorable one)


If you like to sew, you can download free templates from a sewing magazine at
Here is a dragon that I made from a free pattern! There aren’t any instructions but I’ve made enough toys to figure it out.


These are amazing!! & thanks for the link :blush:


Reborns .com has a sister sight, where artists sell amazing stuffed bears and other creatures. Go check it out!


That was so fun to look through, great gift idea site, thank you for sharing!:heart_eyes:. I thought this was a cute inspiration for an alternative Reborn.


That is awesome!! Thanks! Those are way more artsy than what I do… If I show my husband he might have a nervous breakdown. :joy:


WOW! You are a woman of many talents…no wonder your babies are so beautiful!


I love your little sewn animals! ! I make little fabric dolls and plushies too! Once upon a time I sold them, but now I just make them as gifts. Thank you for the pattern link! I will definitely be checking it out. :blush:


That’s gorgeous!


Thank you so much!! Art has gotten me through a lot. :blush:


So cute!! Isn’t giving people handmade gifts the best? Another really great website is She does a free pattern every month and has an Etsy for other patterns! She has great instructions with pictures and tips.


Thank you!


She is so pretty I also had that problem with my first reborns. I am.still learning all the tricks. Also you can put little oil like jojoba on your hands and work them throug the hair.I do not like the conditioner onnyhe hair.


Miya is very beautiful. You are very talented. I will be reburying my first baby soon. I will be looking forward to any tips anyone can provide.


Please tell me you meant ‘reborning’.


I apologize for the typo. I meant reborning!


Welcome to the Forum! @Evee


I’m glad I’m not the one one with typos! Lol. Welcome!