My first Reborn baby! (Pic Heavy)


I drew the hair before added matte finish, then I did more highlights and shading after the matte. Amazing! It’s easier to draw with the texture but I think it looks smoother before.


These are beautiful!! You are incredibly talented. I could tell you had experience in drawing by the way you did the eyebrows and hair on your doll. I can’t wait to see where you go from here! You’re going to do really well selling your dolls.

Have you ever seen mohair stuffed animals? They are so awesome. I want to try my hand at making them someday. There is a whole world of teddy bear creators and collectors similar to the reborn community. I haven’t delved in yet, but I thought you might be interested?

Let me know if you want to try this together! Haha like we need another media…:wink:


I have been super interested since I collect teddy bears! I’ve seen the techniques where you trim the fur around the nose and thought it was brilliant. Here’s some of my stuffed animals, I generally make custom gifts for birthdays. I even made one as a special gift to go along with my baby! (A simple but adorable one)


If you like to sew, you can download free templates from a sewing magazine at
Here is a dragon that I made from a free pattern! There aren’t any instructions but I’ve made enough toys to figure it out.


These are amazing!! & thanks for the link :blush:


Reborns .com has a sister sight, where artists sell amazing stuffed bears and other creatures. Go check it out!


That was so fun to look through, great gift idea site, thank you for sharing!:heart_eyes:. I thought this was a cute inspiration for an alternative Reborn.


That is awesome!! Thanks! Those are way more artsy than what I do… If I show my husband he might have a nervous breakdown. :joy:


WOW! You are a woman of many talents…no wonder your babies are so beautiful!


I love your little sewn animals! ! I make little fabric dolls and plushies too! Once upon a time I sold them, but now I just make them as gifts. Thank you for the pattern link! I will definitely be checking it out. :blush:


That’s gorgeous!


Thank you so much!! Art has gotten me through a lot. :blush:


So cute!! Isn’t giving people handmade gifts the best? Another really great website is She does a free pattern every month and has an Etsy for other patterns! She has great instructions with pictures and tips.


Thank you!