My first Reborn baby! (Pic Heavy)


WOW :heart_eyes: I’ve been a little scared to start on my first reborn but you’re an inspiration! Wonderful job!!!:heart:


So so beautiful!!!


Such a beautiful baby, great job!


Your prisma hair is BEAUTIFUL! And your coloring is GORGEOUS. Wow! :heart_eyes:


Wow! I can’t believe this is a first! You put my 10th to shame :star_struck:


Beautiful babies. I like both painted and rooted hair and I have both in my collection.


Thank you each and everyone!! You are all too kind and make me feel so at home in this community. I feel so fortunate to be welcomed by such nice people and talented artists!! :heart:️ Hoping to list this baby later today if I can finish up the care instructions!




Sorry, I understand that it’s not my business, but I was surprised that you don’t want to keep you fist GORGEOUS baby.
I was told that it’s ‘unwritten rule of reborning’.
Again, sorry…


Beautiful babies @Asiancupcakes


My mom has been giving me a hard time about selling her. I just need the money so I can keep doing it. I can’t buy any more supplies til I sell one. I did have some issues with her that tested my patience so I dubbed her my problem child. I do plan on keeping my favorite of the other kits I’m working on. :blush:


I Love Reese but Quinn looks so much like my oldest daughter so I have a soft spot.


Maybe your mom will buy her!:grin::grin:


That would be a win win!


Wouldn’t that be great?! I’m pretty sure she’s patiently waiting for one as a gift. :joy:


Your dolls are incredible! Are you an artist in other media? I’m very excited to continue seeing your work. Glad you joined the forum! :heartpulse:


They are gorgeous!! I love your painted hair. You’d be surprised at how many people buy painted hair reborns.


Thank you!! I do every media I can get the materials for. I started portraits as a teen and I sculpt (even babies!), Sew stuffed animals, crochet, bake… People were always my go to. This is some from my art Instagram, my reborn account is separate. :smiley:


Thank you!! I’m understand some people have mohair allergies so I really want to be able to paint the hair too.


Beautiful art, you will nail painting hair!