My first Reborn baby! (Pic Heavy)


They both look good with the painted hair. I think that Clyde looks awesome and is definitely worthy of rooted hair


Thank you! Hopefully I’ll soon be able to afford different colors of mohair.


Wow! Can’t believe that’s your first baby! She is sooo adorable!


You’re a real natural! Everything looks awesome


You did an awesome job! He is beautiful!


Thank you!! Took me long enough. :joy:


Thank you!! Still have a lot to learn!


Thank you!!


Wow! Looks like a perfect baby, I cant believe it is your first one. You are very talented! The hair both rooted and painted looks awesome either way. Great job!


Thank you!! Like rooting better but maybe the painted will be just what someone was looking for. :blush:


Wow! Wow! Wow! Congratulation on your first one! Your baby look absolutely amazing! You are very talented person. And your painted hair is great! Cannot even imagine what you will be able to create in a year!
May I ask what darker Prisma color did you use?


Thank you so much!! For the darkest hair I used Dark umber and a small amount of black. Too much black and it looks weird with blue and red highlights together.


And I forgot to mention that your eyebrows are stunning on all 3 babies!


Thank you!! My 2 year old has eyebrows for days so I just look at hers. :joy:


It good to have a model in front of you! :wink:


You are so very talented, the eyebrows alone are so beyond beginner. She is gorgeous!


I agree with @Reefbubbles. If you would see my newbie eyebrows, you would feel like an expert! Lol.


Thank you!!


I’ve been learning through others and just love eyebrows! As much as I have to pluck mine I’ve looked at them up close long enough. :joy:


You are such a natural at this. Your baby is beyond beautiful.