My first Reborn baby! (Pic Heavy)


Realborn Miya who was a joy to paint! Got a lot of wonderful tips and help from people on this forum. Thanks to everyone!! I was also wondering if mohair usually gets kinda frizzy when handled, it looks great wet and when it dries. Any tips would greatly help!


She’s gorgeous! And yes, that does tend to happen when mohair is handled a lot, just brush it again with some conditioner and it’ll be fine. I know what you mean though, I hate when it happens.


She is just beautiful! Love the poses :slight_smile:


Thank you!! It was just bothering me, I have a care packet and said her hair might be frizzy after traveling. I’ll try conditioning and air drying her hair before packing her.


I do the same thing. I include a sheet on how to take care of the hair and stuff too.


Thank you!! I have done amateur newborn photography and a reborn is way easier! :blush:


I was so proud when I figured out how to print front and back! :joy: I created a trifold pamphlet in Photoshop to include.


That’s awesome! I include a folder with all kinds of different papers in it. Care instructions, fake formula recipe,hair care, magnet warning etc.
I also love your photos! I do newborn photography also but I find it easier with real babies than with reborns lol They’re easier to pose generally than a doll is.


Looks awesome! Love the eyebrows. Great pics too!


I have so much to learn! I might create a different topic about what people include, or search it. This is the packet, it was a test one that my husband proof read and red marked. I also had a two year old pretending to read it.


That’s gotta be one of the best firsts I’ve ever seen. WOW!!! :heart_eyes:


Thank you!! I loved drawing the eyebrows!


That is too sweet! Made me tear up. :blush:


I can pm you with what I send and you can use it as a guide or see if there’s any info you forgot in yours if you want. :slight_smile: I also made my on birth certificates that I send too. Yours looks really good, I like the style of it.


That would be so awesome! I greatly appreciate it! Everyone is always so nice here. It seems like a family. :heart:


I’m also not too confident in these prismacolor hair jobs. Do babies sell with hair like this? I haven’t baked Clyde’s yet so I might can cry and wipe all that pencil off.


It looks good. A lot of dolls with prisma hair like that sell really well :slight_smile:


I like the lack of maintenance but personally I want to style that hair!


Same. I don’t like painted hair much at all, it really doesn’t look realistic IMO. It looks good for sure, but not super real up close. I also like rooting too much to paint hair lol


I only painted Macey because she had yellow spots and I was going to make a cuddle baby… Then I color corrected the spots. Clyde was just not looking quite as good as I hoped and didn’t think I should root him. Ugh!