My first reborn and It's a Boy!


After a mere 3 years and 20 days on this forum I finally have a baby. Yes critiques are welcome and I had such trouble getting the pictures right so if you see flaws I missed point them out. This is Noe from the Lara R.E.A.L. Online Class. I thought I had chosen bigger pictures - Oh well they will load faster.

Glenn named after my beloved brother.


AHHH he is gorgeous, great job


wow, you are really gifted…nobody would believe that is your first baby…when you gonna start on another one?? are you hooked now?? lol great job…are you gonna keep him or sell him??


Thank you so much Carolyn. If he looks good it’s because I’ve been a ‘student’ here on this forum and Lara’s class was great. I’m good at color and detail, but I’m horrible about getting started and getting finished - therefore the 3 years!

I started a La Baby (Sucky Lip) at the same time I started this one and she was going to be my first - but her head is fairly hard and big and I ran out of time to get her rooted and I needed Noe done for the R.E.A.L. contest. It ends tomorrow. I’ll be finishing her later this month - I hope. (Her 1/4 limbs that I painted first on each lesson - do not look good at all). I’m keeping as a ‘how not to’ lesson. I did some 3/4 Beurenger limbs that came out okay.

I’m keeping him. I just love him too much and I named him after family - that makes him impossible to part with.


Wow, you’ve got that sparse look down. I haven’t been able to master that yet. Good job.


What a great job! Congratulations on the birth!


Oh Foxmom thank you and the sparse look wasn’t intentional. After 28.5 hours I just quit. I used Sugarglidrus mohair and I cut the straight ends off and used them. I was afraid I would run out so I did keep moving over his head. I tried to make it thicker, but I was afraid the vinyl would tear. I did a lot of punches with nothing on the needle. If I did big groups of hair I got clumps so I kept trying to root the few hairs that were sticking out off the little bunch I had. Does everyone get a snarl of loose hairs all sticking in 40 directions and you can’t line them up any more? It sure was messy.


That is one long pregnancy-3 years. but boy is he worth the wait…he is awesome. Great job!


You did a great job–it is amazing that you got that good on your first try. Mine went to the thrift shop! There isn’t a thing to suggest except to enjoy him. He is definitely a “keeper”. Congratulations!!!


Everyone is so sweet thank you. I had a big laugh over a 3 year pregnancy. Also I just turned 63. I let my husband cut the umbilical cord, um I mean, tie wrap around the neck - He’s been so supportive - even cooked so I could root.

By the way folks - I didn’t get the stuffing right, his chest is hallow and his head isn’t floppy enough - so he will be in ‘corrective’ surgery as soon as I get a Doe Suede body made (he’s only got a muslin one now).


Good job! Good luck on the Noe contest…isn’t Lara’s class great?


Oh Lyndie, he is just perfect! I can’t believe he is your first! WOW! You did a wonderful job! Are you going to keep him?


Great job on your first baby! I just signed up for Lara’s next class. I’m doing Lulu.


Oh Thank you ladies for all your kind words I could just cry and I have to admit I did cry last night. I have a really hard time believing how well he turned out. I hope other people in Lara’s class post here because there are a bunch of beautiful Noes being born because of it.

I think God has just blessed me for all I missed in not having children. I can hardly wait to paint my Michelle. She will be a girl and I hope they will look like twins.

I am painting Stoete’s Audrey for the Peaches and Cream class. I have Lilianne Breedveld’s Suri and Stoete’s Liu for the Asian class.


wow- that is an amazing 1st baby!!! you did an EXCELLENT job!!!


He turned out so cute. My first one went to the trash bin also.

       Hugs Tina


I am just beginning the class and I am enjoying these new techniques. Her lessons and pictures are easy to see and understand. I’m very impressed with her classes. I hope to take more if I can make the time. Your baby is fantastic!


I can’t wait to see the other babies you are doing…please post pictures & keep us updated. We’re here to cheer you on!



Keep them coming, you did a great job. I bet you can’t wait to start your next one. It’s very, very addicting. DEE