My first purchased reborn has hair?!


I’ve purchased a beautiful reborn today he’s an ethnic baby boy with actual rooted hair! I’m nervous!! What are some basics I should know about taking care of his hair?


Do you have a pic? Hair is funny and everyone has different opinions depending where hair came from and if the dye will leak. My hair from slumberland and sugarglider has not bled at all. I use mostly water with a touch of conditioner and a baby tooth brush to smooth in place section at a time.


I do realize he may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I absolutely adore him :slight_smile:


He is too cute!


Thank you! :slight_smile: here is a better picture of hair it looks so soft!


My advice would be … dont brush too much or too vigorously .It probably is mohair which is real animal hair Like our hair it will eventually break but of course cant grow back like human or animal hair .Be gentle use a baby brush.A little baby tangle free would be ok.
No washing .water may get into the head through the rooting holes and mold in there
No oiling hair or lotion on it …


Thank you! :slight_smile: knowing me I’ll just style when he arrives then leave it alone until absolutely necessary. I certainly don’t want uh-oh’s.


The style of painting looks familiar, Did he come from little miss Margaret off ebay?


No he was second hand off of Etsy.


He’s cute! He looks like the Natalie sculpt I’m working on. They have the same mouth.


You can buy mohair conditioner from someone or you can mix a bit of fabric softener with distilled water…and even some of your own conditioner. Spray some on his hair and use a soft toothbrush to style, or you can just use plain water. Try not to brush his hair when its dry. I think he’s very cute, congratulations :).


He is super cute, Congratulations!!! I am not sure about the hair but it seems like you have gotten some good advice.


I tend to style with a soft toothbrush. I run the toothbrush under water to dampen it, brush/style and let air dry…
I may use conditioner: spray the brush with a mix of 1/3 fabric softener and 2/3 water and brush areas that seem dry or frizzy.

I personally WOULD wash a reborn’s hair- but rarely-- maybe once a year with gentle shampoo and conditioner… But then I like to touch and stroke the hair so it will get my skin oils and any dirt that is on my hands eventually… Also I let my (just turned seven) daughter cuddle them… So never ever is too long to not wash… But “very rarely and very gently” is appropriate