My first newborn baby Bryson

Hi all. I’m new to making reborns, even though I’ve been into the dolls for around 10 years now. I just finished my first doll, Bryson, and I’m having trouble finding him a home :weary: I have him on eBay but nobody is interested
I know the hair is awful but it was my first try and I somehow ran out of mohair :tired_face: Do you guys think that if I drew or painted hair in between the mohair it would look better or should I leave it be?

Most people do not sell the first one. Or maybe not even the first few. They like to keep that first one to measure their progress over time.


You should list on Reborns.

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I think you should leave his hair alone. Try selling on

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I wouldn’t mess with his hair.
He’s a cutie, but I wouldn’t sell him. You should keep your first baby.
The market is a buyers market right now with so many dolls for sale, some babies sell within minutes, some weeks, some months.
You have it listed as a BIN price for $260, browse eBay and reborns . Com for other dolls selling around the same price and compare.
With soooooo many dolls for sale, especially on the lower budget end, buyers can/are alot more picky. He’s a cutie tho, so definitely keep it up but I would keep him.