My first go at Ultimate Fusion Paints UPDATED JUNE IS FINISHED


I love them so far mostly because nothing stick on it, no hair or dust, just for that it’s a relief ! But the ratio paint:water, I am not sure. So much beading. I am not used to it yet.


Awe thank you! I started reborning in 2004 and I am still learning new things all the time myself!


Try#2 with Ultimate Fusioin Paints:
I took my BB June kit and primed it with RebornFX primer. I have just finished painting a layer of warm red, yellow mixed with a little brown (because I prefer yellow ochre), and the Blue marked #11 which they have marked vein blue. The other blue grabbed so much for me before I wanted to try the lighter one this time. I made sure to thin the blue a little more than I did the others as well.
It all went on smoothly over my primed kit. At first the red did want to bead up a bit on the primer but I just kept brushing it and pouncing it after with a makeup mop brush.
My vinyl is now no longer the sickly flat color it started out.
Now it is about the color a nicer vinyl kit like a LLE kit or something.
Working this way it will take forever to build up a skin tone though. I don’t know that I am overly excited about these paints. I never was one of those Genesis painters who liked to thin my paints down to watery colors and brag about putting 30+ layers of paint on my dolls.
I like a paint that gives a good color tint with minimal applications without looking chalky or opaque. I already have that with the RebornFX and Golden Paints. I can see how some really love these paints who are keen on the primaries method and want something similar to Genesis. So far I am thinking they are just not for me.
Here are photos of my baby taken in my craft room at 9:15pm with no flash. Notice the 2nd shot shows the flange end against the legs so you can see the color difference.


Today I spent my time finishing the painting on June. I decided to proceed with the Ultimate Fusion paints and paint her Simply Baby™ style. This is a basic primaries type method of painting with minimal applications of paint and I run these dolls in my more affordable price line. She has a total of 6 applications of color on her, veins, crease coloring and a final blushing. I used all the colors in the kit except for the dark blue and flesh base color. I mixed some of the colors together to make shades I preferred. I found I had to decrease my paint to water ratio in order to get mottling patterns that would hold shape on the vinyl when pounced on. In doing this, you get more sheen with each paint application. After I finished with her I took a photo of her parts. Then I opened the Shine Remover and applied it all over her painted parts. I can honestly say she has more sheen after that application. They might say it is due to the fact I put my own primer on underneath her but I don’t think so. From all I can tell, the Shine Remover is just another type of fluid matte medium and those are never totally matte on vinyl from my experience. Once done with the baby, it truly has the same overall coloring and look I would get making a Simply Baby™ with the paints I have here already in my supply. I will definitely be applying a matting varnish layer over this baby in a few days.

My overall impression now that I am done?
If you are looking for a paint that is thinned with only water, relatively easy to apply, has a little longer working time and is super translucent then this is the one for you.

I suspect there is a glazing gel medium in the paints that makes them more translucent. I have used Golden Satin Glazing Liquid in my paint mixes before and this reminds me of the same end result. With the Golden Satin Glazing Liquid you do get sheen so you would have to add matting agent/product of some sort to offset that. Their paints obviously has a matting agent in it.

I am a bit uncomfortable painting with so much water but from what I gather the artist acrylics of today are able to be stretched much further with water than they used to be. It is quite possible that you could take your Golden Paints or RebornFX paints and add a Glazing Liquid and thin them just as much with water and apply them the same way. That is something some of you might want to test. I doubt I will go there.

Overall, I am not so impressed with these paints myself enough to feel the need to change over to them. My money spent was an investment in testing but that is as far as it goes for me.

Photos taken in my craft room with no flash and overhead lights on. First photo is baby after painting. 2nd photo is baby after applying Shine Remover.


The shine away definitely doesn’t take the shine away when used alone lol -I followed your suggestion and used the flesh base to tone down the orange on the one I baked with the genesis varnish -and it worked on toning the skin -but when I tried the shine away on top - I think it may be more shiny :confused: - does the liqitex artist grade matte varnish work ? I saw that at the hobby shop in town - I want the matte that genesis gives


You won’t find an air varnish that gives the same matte that Genesis gives. They all take on a dewy look after curing. The best one I have found is the RebornFX Ultra Matte varnish and I buy their RebornFX matting powder to add to it to make it more matte. Even so, it still has a dewy glow 24 hours after application.

You can also use the Golden Polymer Matte Varnish and add a little corns starch or RebornFX matting powder melted in water to the varnish. I have also done this with the Soft Touch varnish before.
I tell how to mix it in my blog:


I’ve tried the liquitex matte varnish and it does have a high sheen. Thank goodness I tried it on a test part first. It came out supper shiny.
I use the soft touch varnish with the RebornFX matting powder with good results. I get only a soft moist look which I prefer. Here is an example of one of my reborns done this way. Her lips are shiner because I added a light layer of regular varnish to them.


Beautiful baby :heart_eyes:And thank you both - I will order some of that :slight_smile:


She is beautiful! You should send her over to me! He he he!

what are your mixing ratios? It really looks nicely matte.


Thank you! I wish I could send her to you, but she was sold and already in her new home.
I am terrible at writing down ratios. I stir the STV very well and pour into a 2oz condiment cup. I then take another cup and add the matting powder with a few drops of distilled water or enough to make sure the powder dissolves well then pour it into the STV and stir well. I test it on a small area on the back of the head to see if I am satisfied or need to add more powder or varnish. I will put a big note on my work table to measure and write it down the next time I mix some up. I will let you know.


Thank you!


@anjsmiles Thank you for all of your input and testing. I had myself feeling down because I didn’t invest in these to try, especially after your first review. I am glad I waited for all of your input. I did go look to see the size of the trial kit’s paints- gulp .3ml is relatively tiny compared to the price for me , especially with investing in Baby FX, then have it be discontinued. As always, I respect what you show and say, because you know what you are talking about. A huge thank you for this.


I don’t mind the shine personaly as I use a matt varnish over. I tried a few coat less diluted and like the result. But this morning my adorable 4 years old had decided to ad some red on the forehead of my Jade after I have worked 3 days on her. I was able to whipe it only with alcool, along with the paint under…I have planned to let her bald…:sob::triumph:

So good news : this paint come of pretty easily with alcool , will be easy to strip. :dizzy_face:


I hope I can salvage her


I can hardly tell where you lost the paint. WOW! She/he is painted gorgeous! I hope you can fix that also.


I wouldn’t want to discourage anyone from using them as that was not my intention or final point. I think you can get lovely translucent skin tones with them. For anyone wanting to make a switch from Genesis they are definitely easy to use. I just feel right now with all I have already invested in my RebornFX paints that these are not superior to them in any significant way to make me go out and switch over. These are also very pricey I think for what I got. There are aspects of these I do like and aspects I am unsure about. But with any paint I have used thus far there have been positives and negatives for me.

I have decided I will keep what I have left on hand and play with them some off and on. As time goes on I may pick up more colors to try. I am still interested in getting Christine’s hair painting tutorial. Not so much for the paint mixes as for the instructions. I just wish you could buy the tutorial without all the paint expense.

@Bellybutton your baby is absolutely beautiful in skin tone!


Beautiful job ! And I bet you can salvage it -it is barely noticeable- maybe in mottling you can make it redder area ( like babies have after crying ) - can’t wait to see more of her !


Thank you for all your input and testing - it has helped me so much :slight_smile:


Thank you ! I am a bit discourage now, but i guess it’s not the end of the world.
@anjsmiles, I don’t understand the purpose of the shine remover, as it add more shine. Do it work as a sealer ? I agree with you for the most, I think they are not perfect and had + and -. And I can’t nowhere find the other mediums and colors, so for now, I am not sure I will continue used it.
But I really like the fact that they stick on the vinyl and nothing stick on them !


Light is not good. It is what it is, she will be a booboo baby, as she also have some black dots on feet and arm (second kit).