My first go at Ultimate Fusion Paints UPDATED JUNE IS FINISHED


I can tell you this. I won’t paint with them again on a vinyl that has not been primed with something. They say use their Sealer if you must prime. I am not sure what it is like. They don’t have it available in the US yet. I have used it over RebornFX paints now and it worked well. I think the next doll I try them on I will use my RebornFX Primer on it first.


Just receive my paint and tried it on a test limb. It’s really translucent ! Not sticky at all, wich I love.
Only thing it’s that I experience a lot of beading on the bare vinyl. I think I will do like you and prime before. Or maybe add a bit of RebornFX emulsion would help ?
I would have prefered more paint than brush…


I wouldn’t mix other products with the paints because we do not know what is in the paints that makes them work. I wouldn’t want you to mess up their chemistry. I would say just prime the kit first. That is what I intend to do.


For those wondering if I was able to salvage Charles’ painting job – I think I did. (The RebornFX paints layered well over the top of the UF and I have tried UF over the top of RebornFX. It works both ways as long as each layer is dry to the touch.) He is not perfect but I think with painted hair and rooted lashes will be pretty darn sweet!


He looks great !! :grinning:


Lisa Sylvia says after the first couple of layers the paint should adhere a base and the heading should stop / I had alil beading but it did stop


He is really cute ! Will you try the knife test to see if it work with the layers of RebornFX ? :laughing:


Yes it’s stop right after the 1st layer.


NOPE! I never take a knife to my painted kits! LOL! I get where you are coming from but truly if someone is doing that to them then they need not expect me to cover any damages. I wouldn’t even take a knife to Genesis paints. They would for sure scrape off. I know because I have scratched them off before. That is just not something I go around worrying about.


Right ! Even if the paint dont come of, I would be too affraid of damaging the vinyl !


So, maybe it was the GHS varnish that caused the orange color? I guess if these paints are used, air dry varnish is best?


I do think it was the varnish that wasn’t compatible- I think an air dry would be best - they will have a sealer that will be for sale when the entire line comes out - for now she said the while away will seal it - u can use a drop in with paints - I used the dec art soft touch on the one I have completed but it seemed to have a slight shine to it - it definitely wasn’t matte


You have to mix that very, very well and maybe add a little matting powder to it!!


Thank you -that’s what I did wrong !


I was tempted to get these as well but now Im in love with my Golden paints. I wish I had the energy and the stamina to paint every day but I have to be careful with my body thanks to my connective tissue and autoimmune disease. I feel like I wasted so much time and frustration with the paints I used before but then again I know that I did learn a lot.
I picked up some RebornFX as well…mainly blushing and creasing colours and a brown to go along with my RebornFX hair painting kit.
I still may try the Ultimate Fusion paints later, when they are not so difficult to get. Right now they are sold out nearly everywhere and I can’t find anyplace where you can just buy one or two bottles. Do they only have the trial size and the hair painting kits?


Yes only the Trial sets are available now -but there will be individual colors for sale in the near future -lots of colors and mediums


So far they are working pretty well together for me, I just have to be careful not to mix too much water into my RebornFX paints, they don’t seem to need as much for washes.
Ill have to go check out your video now :slight_smile:


I would suggest that anyone who uses air dry paints watch Angie’s FB video. It is excellent! I watched it yesterday and even though I have been reborning for about 9 yrs, I still learned some great tips.


This sounds like the idea i was trying to verbalize awhile back, a type of “genesis/air dry”. thought something like this might be helpful with hair painting.Hmm, i signed up awhile back, i don’t want a full set at the moment.It sounds promising.


I’ve tried multiple air dry paints, but not these in particular. Right now I’m happy with Golden. They are fantastic and I love the way they grab the vinyl (This can be difficult at first, but once you know how to control them, it’s great).

My wallet is happy with this decision. I have spent a fortune on paint!