My first go at Ultimate Fusion Paints UPDATED JUNE IS FINISHED


Spent some time this morning trying out the Ultimate Fusion paints. First photo shows my baby’s head with a couple washes next to the unpainted arms. Second photo shows the baby now after several washes. I started with a terracota type mix (best I could get to with the colors I have) and gave it 2 washes. Then I have been using shades of red, yellow, blue and purple. This is one of those really bland Bountiful Baby Realborn kits.

So this is my assessments so far first try:
As a long time user of air dry paints, I have never used any air paint quite like this. And I have tried a lot of them! The paints are truly translucent and you can thin them down just like Genesis and pretty much create the same kind of washes. I am taking their word on faith that washes this thin will not fade with these paints.

You can tell that the paints have some sort of medium in them that causes them to bind to the vinyl. I did not have any issue with beading myself. I brushed the paints on with a brush and then pounced them with a mop brush and wedge. Since the mixes are so thin, I found brushing them on was better than trying to put them on with a wedge.

These paints are pure in pigment and do not have a lot of white in them nor are they opaque. They dry to a relatively matte finish. This is HUGE for me! I have used one other brand of paint in the past that dried matte (BabyFX-discontinued now) but it was not as translucent as these are.

The only negative I have to say at this point about the paints is that I am still a little unsure of not priming the vinyl. I get that the formulation of these paints is designed to bond with the vinyl. However, it seems to me there could be some sort of primer made for them with the same formulation. I realize that MOST people hate to prime their vinyls and resist it like crazy.

There are some issues I did encounter that I feel sure priming would have solved. There have been 2 spots on my kit I can’t seem to get the paint to take well. One is on the baby’s left cheek and the other is a finger tip. The instructions say to use the shine remover on any spots you find that do not take the paint well. I tried that. It did not work so well on the cheek. I am not sure if it needed more dry time than the 20 mins I gave it or what. I did finally end up taking some paint straight from the bottle, undiluted, tipping a small brush in it then blotting the brush off and stippling a little color on the spot that way. I then let it dry a few mins and went over it with my dry mop brush to soften. That appears to have worked. I stopped painting at that point to let it cure some.

The 2nd issue I found was that the vinyl does not absorb the paint with the same intensity all over. Painting on bare vinyl such as this, I know the pigments are seeping into the vinyl and staining it. There are places where you get more stain than others. While babies, do not have flat even skin tones, I like to control where my baby has more undertones etc than others. Once again I wonder if priming the vinyl would solve this?

I have to study up on mixing for creases and veins. I seem to remember there being another product that can be used for this but it did not come in the beginners’ kit. I myself would rather have not had the brushes and had more mediums in my kit.

Overall, I am liking them so far.
Photos below taken in my craft room with no flash.


I’m so glad you posted this Angie! Thank You! I was planning on ordering these paints…


Yay I m so glad u posted this - I m glad you like them -I really like them too -but haven t had any experience with any other air dry so couldn’t compare -I think they are a lot like genesis without the baking -the colors are different but the admin of the fb page set up for help with these paints was super sweet when I mentioned that and offered to help figure out what mixes would bring out my favorite colors -I told her I was a newbie and didn’t have any favorites yet lol :joy:- I love the translucency of them too - can’t wait to see more pics :heart_eyes:


My first go didn’t turn out to good because I messed up and varnished after powders with genesis matte ( should’ve waited for air dry ) so it got too hot I think and turned orange -I have since found out that u can seal the powders with shine away :slight_smile:

This is my second go at it and after several primary washes I think I m ready for creases and details - I made it outside in hopes the translucency of paints will show up -I love the way u can see all the pigmented colors as well as blended skin tones


Thank you so much Angie! I wonder about not priming too- that would be really hard for me because I prime for several reasons. One of the reasons is that in the event that I have to strip, it helps a little because air dry paints do stain the vinyl and can be very hard to get off. I actually like something between the vinyl and the paint.


She says the reason they don’t prime is that the paints bond directly to the vinyl and if you primed they would bind to the primer. It seems to me like if the primer is good and binds to the vinyl then it would be of no issue. In the group they say if you have a spot where paint won’t stick to put some of Shine Remover over it. I wonder if you could just use the Shine remover as a primer? They also say you can use the Shine Remover to seal powders so you would be painting over it if you did that.


Thank’s for your input !
I have not receive mine yet but can’t wait to try them. I have some test parts ready.


I put a flesh layer of Ultimate Fusion over a kit I have been working on using another brand of air dry paints. I wanted to see if I could tone down my coloring some yet keep it translucent. It worked! It stuck to the other brand just fine. It is truly translucent. I am impressed!


SO am I understanding you correctly that these paints turn orangish when heat set?
I know other brands in the past have done that. I have one customer who insists on my
putting heat set varnish on her custom orders so if this is the case I will have to be sure not
to ever use these paints on her babies. The RebornFX paints handle being heat set beautifully.


They look great, what type of medium do you use to thin them down to wash consistency??


I read that they are more translucent like Genesis. If they end up being similar I may try them.


It did turn orangish color and I toned it down after several blue and green washes -I believe it was because of the varnish not being compatible because in the steps to success tutorial on fb page it says if you can’t wait three days to cure they can be heat set at 260 for 8-10 mins - mine was for around 270 for 12mins so that could’ve been part of the problem too -

I may try the flesh on this one like you did above with some shine away and see if that might tone her down alil more -


Distilled water is what u add to paints for wash - they also have shine away ( a sealer ) and blend flow ( slows drying of paint ) that u can add in also -


Ah ok that makes me feel better!


To answer a couple questions:

You thin these paints with only distilled water. I was skeptical but they do go on well.
They DO work a LOT like Genesis. Thin layers that give nice translucent color deposit. I am actually a bit blown away by this. The DO dry relatively matte when thinned with just water.

They also have other mediums you can get to add to the mixes for different reason. Those are not available to us yet so I can’t tell you how they work.

Her response to my questions in my review posted above (I posted it on their FB page as well for those who have bought the paints).

[quote]Thank you so much for you Review Angie Jones. Your baby looks great. Try the Blendflow for creases :wink:
I am so happy you are enjoying it so far. I would recommend the Sealer to try as a primer and to help those areas that needed extra care :slight_smile:️[/quote]

For now I will just try to proceed the best I can with what came in the kit.

I also will mention that I did apply a flesh layer over a baby I had painted with RebornFX because I wanted to tone down the blushing a bit. It worked very well. The paint stuck to the RebornFX fine and it dried well and it left the finish more matte than it was before I applied it. It is also a very translucent flesh wash so it does not make the coloring look pasty, yet it toned it down nicely. This is a win win to me! I can definitely see myself using these paints in conjunction with my other brands.


Angie, you are tempting me to get these. LOL! I want a good alternative to heat set and have been waiting five years. These sound promising.


Well I have a bit of a love hate relationship with these paints right now. I love that you can use them for nice translucent washes. I hate the painting on bare vinyl aspect and the uneven color I got going on my kit. I have basically ruined his skin tones. I didn’t want to strip him as I have issues with tendonitis in my hand and that usually aggravates it. So I dug out my regular paints and I am going to see if I can use what I know to try to salvage him. I will try these next time on a kit I prime with something first. I don’t see myself giving up my RebornFX paints for sure.


Now I want to try these instead of Golden, lol!


So, if you heat them before they cure they turn orange?


No - the doll I did turned orangish because I used genesis matte varnish on her and then baked in oven - one of tutorials actually says that to cure u can bake for 8-10 mins at 260 - not recommended but can be done if you can’t wait the three days to cure before rooting etc