My first ghsp baby ! Thanks to all of you :)


I just finished my first ghsp baby -thanks to all of you and this forum ! :grinning: Every time I would get stuck I would search this forum and from all the generosity of sharing your knowledge I finished it -my first time rooting also -not so great lol - this baby was a gift for a sweet girl who loves babies - any critiques are welcome -I am learning and hope to some day have babies as realistic as all of yours -thanks again


HEs gorgeous!! Great job!


His skin tones are beautiful! You put in the time and effort and it really paid off. What a nice first reborn!


Great job


He’s so cute!


Adorable! :blue_heart:


Great first genesis baby.




Great job


He looks great!! Is this Violet or Savannah?


Thank you for all the kind words -and yes it is Savannah :slight_smile:


Savannah is gonna be my second baby, im still working on my first for my grandma, and yes I understand the rooting is a struggle too lol


He is awesome! Congratulations! I’ve never painted a baby but I’m gonna try my first one soon when I have the time. I’m pretty nervous. I’ve been spending my time watching videos, reading posts on here, and studying. I hope my first turns out as good as yours!


Sorry to be so late to comment! Your first GHSP baby looks great! I can see mottle, veins, shading, etc… I think your combination hair is adorable. I just finished my first attempt at that!


@pia I was just looking at your beautiful re-reborn ! My goal is to make babies as beautiful as yours :slight_smile: when I finished this doll -I was showing my husband and he said it looks real -but I showed him a pic of one of your babies and said this looks real and someday I hope mine look like this -he couldn’t believe yours was a doll :slight_smile: thank you :blush:


Thank you :slight_smile: and I m sure you will do great -I read and watched for months too before I took the plunge -now I m hooked -just not enough time to do it as much as I d like :slight_smile: good luck and have fun !


Can’t wait to see pics of your Savannah :slight_smile: how sweet that you are making a baby for your Grandmother-I know she will love it :heart:


I am very flattered by your post!! And tell your husband thank you!!!