My first ever reborn - Zoe!

You did a wonderful job with her coloring! Congratulations on your first!

I think she has very nice mottling and coloring. Is she going to have hair and lashes?

— Begin quote from “newbie”

foxmom, i am happy with her with no hair at the moment, and havent learnt how to! maybe on my next one.

— End quote

I think she is perfectly fine too. Keep up the good work!

She is ADORABLE, much better then my 1st Little One!!! Keep up the great work. I can’t wait to see more of your babies!!!

She’s terrific! You’ve done such a great job.

Wow keep up the good work she is beautiful!!

Congrats on completing your first dollbaby! I like her as a baldy…she has a great little round head! Great job, and I am looking forward to seeing more from you!

Welcome to the forum Newbie! You’ll have to change your name before long! LOL

I love your baby…I can’t believe she’s your first! You did a GREAT job…keep on reborning & having fun.


She’s lovely!

You did great!!!