My First Ebay Listing!

Well, after 4 years I think it about time I dived in so to speak. So I got an auction template, sweated bullets using it, and finally came up with my listing. Please cheer her on for a mommy. … 1555.l2649If you have any comments or suggestions that could help in the future please let me know. LIke I said…this is my first but don’t want it to be my last.

Wow! Good job. I really like your template and all the little comments you have added. I’m not advanced enough to do a template yet, and may have to do a bit more research before I can even think about trying.

Very nice! Baby is darling.

Looks good, but on my computer using Firefox the lines look squashed = the letters like “p,q, j” on one line go over the tops of letters like “b,t,k” on the line underneath. That makes it difficult to read. can you try to put space between the lines?
Just checked and it comes up fine with Chrome.

Good work Joan
Your baby looks beautiful and your listing looks very professional as well as great photos!
BOL on your sale!

Very cute baby and love your captions! Love the template too since I have the same one! It’s the first time I’ve seen someone else with that one and don’t worry, I rarely list dolls although I do have one listed this weekend so I’m not much competition! Hope things go well on your auction. I know people have had problems but most sell without them. Crossing my fingers for you and LyLy that she finds her mommy soon!